Monday, November 20, 2017

Seussical Celebration!

On Saturday, we had a little party for Jane's 2nd birthday! That morning I was feeling down in the dumps and wasn't motivated to host guests in the afternoon. But as we were finishing up, luckily that changed and I felt much better. 

I was feeling pretty burned out from Halloween, but I had everything (minus the balloons) just lying around the house, which made it really easy to put together. 

I found a bunch of cute labels on the internet and just printed them off! The deviled eggs weren't hard to make, but peeling them took forever, so I'm glad I did it all that morning.

I've always made cakes for the girls' birthdays, but because I wasn't feeling motivated to prep much before, I just ordered one from Walmart. It was the best $6 spent. I just added the little banner on top and voila! They even had an option for a non-dairy icing, which was perfect for Jane since she is dairy intolerant. 👌

We kept it pretty small with just family and a few friends. Usually we are really trying to push the food on people and always end up with a ton of leftovers, but this time we ate up everything, which was great!

Jane was so cute the whole time. She would jump around and walk on her tiptoes because she was so excited! 😍

We all sang Happy Birthday to her and let her blow out the candles. 

She would blow tiny little blows and worked for a while before getting both flames to go out. haha but she was pretty proud of her work. :)

I love this picture so much of Norah in the bottom corner, so excited about the cake. Hahaha!

All the kiddos had a great time playing with all the toys in Norah's room.

We love our sweet little Jane! 

Jane with Grandma & Grandpa Brand

We had Jane open a few gifts. Norah and Lucy were very enthusiastic to help take over for her. haha

She got some coloring and sticker books, which will be so great for our trip for Thanksgiving Break!

Jeanne came down last minute for the party and the girls were so happy to see her! 💗

After everyone left, we had Jane open a few more presents from Janel and Grandma Jeanne. She would open one and immediately go for the next present before even seeing what it was haha. 

Jane giving Janel hugs for her awesome presents!

Jeanne gave Jane a new baby doll, which she's been loving on all weekend. 

It was a great party and I'm glad it was more simple for me to put together and way less prep work. We love our sweet Jane and I'm feeling really sad she is growing up. 😥

Friday, November 17, 2017

80s Prom Classic Skate!

Last Saturday, Ryan and I met up with Brooklyn and Matt for a little date night roller skating! I hadn't been to Classic Skating since I was probably 13, which meant I was pretty rusty on skates. Ryan, however, was doing all sorts of "tricks" haha. AKA, he could skate backwards. 😉 I tried to copy and go backwards too, which resulted in me landing on my elbows and vowing to never try again. 😖

Brooklyn and I saw a poster for a ladies 80s skate night and joked about going. 

But a couple days later, when I mentioned our weekend activity to my friend, Jocelyn, she said she had also been and said she should definitely go to the 80s night! So the plans commenced. She found a dress for me at DI, and I went to her house beforehand so she could do my makeup for me (she's a wedding makeup artist! 💁)

We didn't have a hair crimper, and I had forgotten to put my hair in braids, so my hair just ended up like this after backcombing it. haha perhaps not totally historically accurate, but whatever. 

We quickly realized how nearly every other girl there was amazing on skates and most had even brought their own personal skates to use! I couldn't believe how many of them could skate so well. We, on the other hand, were lucky to get through the whole night without falling over. Improvement! 😜

It was fun, though perhaps a little uneventful. They never did have the costume contest, which was too bad, and we forgot to grab the promised swag bag that came with our tickets, but oh well. It was probably just glow sticks anyway, which is what we won for one of the activity contests haha. 

We called it a night and headed out to the car, but once the doors closed I realized something reeked beyond belief...and then I realized the stench was actually coming from me!😵 The dress, which was from DI, smelled like the worst old man body odor I've ever smelled, and I'd been sitting in it all night. The only clothing item Jocelyn had in her car was her 2 year old jacket, so I just sat in the BO until we made it home. I told Jocelyn she could keep the dress herself and ditched it in her basement haha. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Jane is Turning Twosies!

Jane's birthday is next week (on Thanksgiving this year!) and so we are throwing her a little party this weekend before heading out of town for Thanksgiving break.
Since Jane still doesn't really care what we do for her party, I decided to do it Dr. Seuss themed! One of my favorite reasons for having themed birthday parties is because I can plan a little themed birthday shoot beforehand. 

Jane and I dropped off Norah and Lucy at preschool one morning and then went home, not planning on taking pictures that day. But once we got home I decided really quickly that I would just do it then so I could have them finished and send out an invitation to everyone. So I grabbed a few props around the house and we headed to the party store for balloons. 

The girl working at Zurchers probably thought I was nuts because I simply couldn't decide what to get. I thought about getting the really big balloons, but at $18 a PIECE, I nixed that idea. So I bought some smaller biggish balloons (still spent $20....on balloons?!! But it was worth it, right?😬) and we were on our way to one of my favorite spots to snap a few photos before having to pick up Norah and Lucy from preschool. 

As we pulled up, I realized we were the only ones there and was so happy at the thought of a smooth sailing photo shoot with only one child to worry about and most likely no crazy accidents to report afterward. I loaded everything up in the stroller and walked over to a pretty spot to set things up. Jane was kind of cranky, but I gave her my phone and turned on Annie while I got everything ready. 

I set up all the books and tied the balloons to the chair so I could take a few test shots before putting Jane up there. It was really windy, so I retied the balloons to the other side of the chair leg so they would blow across the back of the chair. I was thinking that we might have to come back because of the wind, but wanted to try anyway since we were already there. Everything looked good and I was ready to grab Jane when I saw out of the corner of my eye that the balloons whisked away right in front of me. I stepped forward as wind hurled them out of reach and way up into the sky. I stood there for at least a minute just staring and not believing that $20 worth of balloons just disappeared without even fulfilling their purpose. I was SO sad/mad that I hadn't tied them tighter and kicked myself for thinking this would be an uneventful photo shoot. 🙄

Anyway, when I picked up the girls from preschool and told Norah about the balloon incident, she gave me lots of sympathy so I felt better. haha.
The next day, I took all three girls with me (off day of preschool) this time for round two of photos. I spent a lot less money on the second set of balloons, which I ended up liking better than the first set, and was way more careful about tying them to the chair. haha

It was still windy, but not nearly as bad as the day before. The wind did, however, blow the balloons into the grass, which made a couple of them pop. sigh. It was really cold, but I just tried to work fast. Jane was NOT happy at first because she was so cold, but once I pulled out the giant lollipop, she brightened right up. 

The first picture. hahah poor girl. Although she didn't want to sit there, I was glad she at least stayed there for a second so I could grab this shot. She's cute, even with her scrunched up sad face.

Because I initially was going to take these photos without having Norah and Lucy there, I only bought this one lollipop and didn't have any other goodies for distractions. Norah was VERY sad that she didn't get one for herself. So it ended up being a little chaotic because of that. We only took pictures for 2 or 3 minutes because it was so cold (and the screaming Norah), and then we were out of there. Jane was not happy when I took the lollipop away, but since I only got a could different shots, I wanted to try one more time for some more angles. 

The following day, we just set a few things up outside in the front yard for some last shots. I only liked a few that we took, but Jane was very happy to have her lollipop back in hand. She even let Norah and Lucy have some licks. 😇

So although it took me literally 3 days to take these blasted pictures, I love how sweet they turned out and I want to print a few to display at her little party coming up. Can't believe our baby girl is growing out of babyhood so quickly! 

Friday, November 10, 2017

You Don't Have to Floss ALL Your Teeth, Just The Ones You Want to Keep!

Growing up, the dentist was the WORST place in my mind. With so many kids, my mom just wanted to get it all over with in one go, so we would literally sit in the waiting area for HOURS until everyone had gone through. And my teeth are so soft and get cavities no matter what I do, so another reason why I hated going. Even a couple years ago as I went to get a cavity filled, my dentist didn't numb me completely. And so when he went to drill and hit my tooth, I got a terrible zing and began to cry. I don't know that I've ever had a positive experience at the dentist, so I was excited when Smart Pediatric Dentistry came highly recommended by several people.

It was the first time any of the girls have gone for a checkup, and Norah and Lucy were so excited (Jane is still little, so we didn't schedule one for her this time). First of all, we only waited in the waiting area for a few minutes before they called us back. All the rooms were painted in bright colors with Disney characters. The dental assistants were all so friendly and great with the girls. We started with x-rays, and both Norah and Lucy did great! They held so still the whole time.

After the x-rays, they sat in chairs by each other and were given a few options of what flavor toothpaste they wanted and what movie they wanted to watch during the cleaning. 

Lucy was such a little ham and was laughing with the hygienist. 

Jane played with the stuffed animals on the side (which all had fake teeth haha), but she really wanted to be up on the chair with Norah.

The dentist said that Norah's x-ray looked like she had taken a fall on her top front teeth at some point because the roots didn't reach all the way to her permanent teeth. But he said it wasn't as big of a deal as long as she doesn't take another fall, which might cause them to fall out or a need to pull them out. No cavities for Norah!

Lucy's teeth looked great too! No cavities here either, whoohoo! When she was 18 months, she fell in the bathtub and chipped her front tooth, but her roots still looked good, which was funny because I don't know of Norah ever falling and hitting her teeth. 
The main concern I had for her is the fact that she sucks her thumb so much. I noticed several weeks ago how transformed her palate is and how her top teeth stick out so much farther than her bottom teeth, which is the main reason why I made the dental appointment so soon haha. 
I have procrastinated doing anything to prevent her from sucking her thumb because I know that if I cut that off, then she will most definitely stop taking naps...something I reeeeally don't want happening haha. But the dentist said that even if she were to immediately stop sucking her thumb, her palate still may not go back and she will still need to have an expander when she's older. He said not to stress about it too much, and I'm taking that advice whole heartedly haha.

The girls got a token to pick a prize, and new princess toothbrushes. It was a great experience and it honestly made my nine-year-old self a little jealous. They have been telling everyone about their appointment and can't wait to go back in six months!