Tuesday, December 26, 2017

🎶If You Just Believe🎶

When my mom taught preschool, she always did a little Polar Express activity every year with the students. Since she retired from teaching last year, I decided to continue the tradition ourselves and just do it with the girls. 

I made them some little nightgowns and forced them to wear them even after Norah complained about them looking ugly. 😒🙄 haha I wasn't about to let all that sewing go to waste. So on Christmas Eve, we heated up some hot chocolate, topped it with whipped cream and let them go to town.

I initially was going to let them drink their hot cocoa while I read the book, but it was a little too distracting and there were spills all over the place. 

Jane spilled all down the front of her nightgown and pretty soon Norah and Lucy followed because they kept trying to lick off all the whipped cream.

Jane's little pigtails were completely killing me and Ryan. It was the first time I've ever done pig tails in her hair and she looked so old! 

Haha Norah's mustache! 😂

Ryan was right there to wipe up any spills.

Once they finally finished their hot cocoa, we began reading together. Jane lost interest pretty quickly and just starting running around the chairs, trying to annoy Lucy and get her to run around too.

Norah was really into the book though. She kept making the funniest faces.

I love how Norah was so absorbed in the book, it made it more fun! Lucy was pretty good and probably would have listened the whole time if Jane hadn't been poking her and running around. I'm sure next year Jane will like it more!

As I got toward the end of the book, I realized that I forgot to get little bells for each of them haha, but luckily I spotted a bell hanging on the Christmas tree and just had Ryan shake it so they could hear it ring. 

These three girlies are so fun to have around during the holidays!

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