Sunday, December 24, 2017

First Annual Candlelit Christmas Feast

Last December was a really hard month for me for a lot of reasons, and so this year I really wanted to make better memories and start new traditions with the girls. I decided that I wanted to do a fancy dinner one evening and all sit down together.

We normally eat on old plastic halloween plates or something similar haha, so I decided to get a few fancy things and make it really elegant! I pulled out some crystal glasses my mom gave us that we've never used and found a few festive things at target, and voila! I wanted to get a shot of the whole table from above, but my lens wasn't quite wide enough. I kept thinking how perfect it would all look if I just had some greenery and kept debating if I should find a pine tree to snip off a few branches (ha!), but decided against it. Then Ryan walked in with a big surprise bouquet of flowers and what do you know, there were two big pretty branches I could use. Perfect! 💁‍♀️

The girls loved that we all had our own personalized stocking. I meant to put some treats in the stockings, but completely forgot. oops! 

I spent a good portion of the day on Saturday making food, but I actually enjoyed it and it all turned out so yummy!

The turkey was really yummy, but next time I am going to try and brine it beforehand. I've only ever cooked a turkey by myself once before, and it was four years ago, so I made it up as I went haha. 

We turned out all the lights and Ryan lit the candles. 

We clinked our glasses and the girls slurped down their hot cocoa and sparkling cider as fast as they could.

We went around and each took a turn saying some of our favorite things that happened during the year and what goals we have for next year. 

Jane kept trying to blow out the candles from where she was sitting. haha

I loved spending such a special moment with just my little family and now I want to do something similar for Easter too! It's been a wonderful year and we are excited for the changes and memories that will be coming to our family soon! 

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