Monday, July 3, 2017

Under The Sea Birthday Party!

We celebrated Lucy's birthday on Saturday with Mermaid decorations all over, of course. I loved putting it all together and this has probably been the smoothest party planning we've had so far, so yay for that!
The background board is the same one we've used for the past 3 birthdays, so we are definitely getting our money's worth out of it. I kept changing my mind about what I wanted to have as a background, but then finally decided to buy some pretty scrapbooking paper I found at hobby lobby and cut it out into scale shapes. But since each piece of paper counted as one item, I could only use their 40% off coupon once every time. And since I'm a cheapskate, we just made several trips to get the discount haha. Okay, I'm embarrassed. Ryan finally had enough and just bought a bunch so I could just finish it. 

Ryan was wanting to help with the decorations and went to a great amount of trouble trying to make a cool balloon frame to go around my background board, but abandoned it in the end because it just wasn't staying. I felt bad, but was just happy that he wanted to help in the first place. Plus, I can still use the pvc pipe set up for photo backgrounds! 

My friend, Whitney, helped me make the "Under the Sea" sign using her cricut cutter after I saw the same design on Etsy and didn't want to spend $20 on it. haha

Cute crab sandwiches! I was telling another friend how I spent HOURS cooking, shredding, and mixing chicken salad sandwiches for Lucy's blessing luncheon a few years ago, and so we opted to just buy it this time--(Although that was before we bought a kitchen aid, so the shredding was what took me forever. If you put hot, cooked chicken in a kitchen aid, then it'll shred it in about ten seconds. sigh. If only I had known back then)--aren't the little crabs just too cute with their googly eyes? ;)

Lucy's beachy cake, topped with edible sea shells! Norah and Lucy were SO excited when I told them they could eat them once the party started.

We mingled outside while all the kids played with the squirt guns. It was so nice to just relax and enjoy friends and family.

We sang "Happy Birthday" and had Lucy make a wish. 

She was acting all timid while we sang haha

The breeze had blown out the flame before we finished singing, but she blew them out anyway.

Norah and Jane wanted to be right in on the action while the cake was out.

I don't know why Jane was pouting here, but it's pretty cute haha.

Lucy got her plate of cake and took refuge up in the play house.

I pulled out the giant bubble solution and the kids all LOVED it!

We finished the party by letting Lucy hold Esme's baby. She was in baby heaven and was being so gentle--something I would have never thought possible one year ago! 

She loves babies!

We decided not to do gifts, but a couple friends brought her something anyway, lucky girl. 

Norah loved helping out...not sure how Lucy felt about it though. ;)

Grandma Jeanne and Papa bought her new little Ariel sleepwear, which she immediately tried on.

It was such a fun party and I'm grateful I handed off my camera to my friend, Heather, and she was willing to take pictures for me so I could just enjoy it! We love our Lucy and we're glad so many friends and family members came to support her! 

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  1. Such a cute party! Really the decor was so cute and the food so yummy. I'm glad we could come celebrate with Lucy!