Monday, July 3, 2017

Red, White, & Blue!

For years, I had driven past this home near the American Fork Boat Harbor and always admired the giant American flag painted on the back of their barn. I always wanted to take pictures in front of it, but was too chicken to go ask for permission. I was telling my friend, Jocelyn, about all of this and said if she would come with me then I would take pictures for her too. She had no problem going with me to ask. haha So we went one evening and the owner was so nice and said she didn't mind at all! I was so excited!

Since the flag was facing west, with no shade in front, it meant we would have to do an early morning shoot. But the evening before, I had a cooking class and didn't get home until 10:30pm, which meant I didn't actually get in bed until 11:00pm. And even though I took melatonin before falling asleep, I had such a fitful night, dreaming about all sorts of disastrous outcomes of the shoot the next morning. 

So when 5:45am rolled around, I was exhausted. Ryan joked later that the girls can tear apart the house while I'm sleeping, and I won't get up, but if pictures are involved, then that's what will get me out of bed. haha it's true. I somehow managed to get all three girls ready by the time I was supposed to meet Jocelyn and they were even in high spirits despite me waking them early! yes!

I took photos of them for a while until I realized Jocelyn still wasn't there and I checked my phone to see some missed calls. oops. She had taken a couple wrong turns, but made it there quickly, and so my girls took a break with their donuts while I snapped photos of Jocelyn and her cute kiddos.

Norah and Lucy are wearing the same outfits they wore last year! high fives!

A few weeks ago, I ordered myself some shorts online from Old Navy, but when they arrived, they were several sizes too big, so I went into the store to return them. I went in for clothes for myself, but came out with this romper for Jane. Such is the life of a mom. Isn't it so cute though? I am a sucker for holiday outfits, and this one was far too darling to pass up.

We brought the giant bubbles, but it proved to be kind of tricky. And my girls kept acting like they were scared of them haha. The ones I got of Jocelyn's kids are so much cuter. Actually I think most all of hers turned out better haha! Probably because my kids are so sick of me always pointing a camera in their faces.

Anyway, it was actually really fun doing this with someone else and sharing our ideas! If you want to see the photos of Jocelyn, I will be posting them on my photography facebook page here, so keep your eyes peeled! ;)

Happy 4th to everyone!

And here's Norah reciting the preamble to the constitution, because she's adorable!

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