Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Steel Days Celebration!

On Saturday, we woke up and got ready for the city parade! Lawn chairs and blankets had been lining the street for days, so we weren't sure if we would get a spot at all, but luckily we were able to squeeze in on Main Street and enjoy it! We brought out step stools, and that was the best idea ever. It helped keep the girls contained and let them rest between running and picking up candy. 

Last year, we had sat on the tail end of the parade, and a lot of the floats had been out of candy by that point, but since we were at the very beginning of the parade this year, there was plenty to spare. 

It was fun to see Jane enjoy it. Last year she was so tired the entire time since it was during her morning nap, so I was loving watching her this year. 

The girls were all so cute scrambling to pick up candy. They would immediately pop the candies in their mouths once they picked them up, so we had to eventually cut them off and just have them stash their candy away for later.

There were so many fun floats to look at. The girls loved the beauty and the best float, and we saw a float for a community play of Annie, which we really want to go see now!

Later that afternoon, we went to the annual picnic in the park where they have so many fun activities! We started out with face painting, and Norah picked out the exact same one as last year. The princess crown, of course. 

They ask that kids be at least a year old to do the face painting, so this was Jane's first time. I picked out the peacock option for her, and she was so good sitting in Ryan's lap. 

Lucy wanted to be a giraffe. She kept talking to the artist and was very interested in the large hoop earrings she was wearing. 

I have a very similar picture of Norah from last year, looking cross eyed as she watched the artist paint on her face. haha

They loved looking at themselves in the mirror, and tried to steal it as we were leaving the painting booth. haha

Maybe next year I'll convince Ryan to have us to face painting as well. ;)

It was pretty hot, and Ryan was saying that his stomach was hurting, but I really wanted to enjoy the night before heading back home so early. So we let the girls have at it on the bouncy slides and  houses.

Jane even got in on the action for a little bit, until the girls followed her in and started taking over haha.

We didn't end up staying much longer, but since we had done the neighborhood swim night the evening before, it was probably good we went home and got the girls to bed on time. I'm so glad we have fun celebrations like this to look forward to!

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