Friday, July 21, 2017

Albion Basin

I've heard of Albion basin over the past year, but it wasn't until a few weeks ago, when I kept seeing beautiful photos taken there, that I started really wanting to go check it out. I'm a part of a few photography Facebook groups, and everyone said that parking is a nightmare because spots are so limited up by Cecret Lake and the wildflower field, especially in the evenings. So I kind of gave up hoping and thought I would just check it out another time, even if it meant no flowers. But then yesterday I checked on the weather forecast and saw that it was supposed to be cloudy all day, so I decided to go after all, thinking I would just make it before the super busy time. 

I texted my friend, Heather, who is also a photographer, and we decided to go together and carpool up to take pictures of our kids. She picked me up and we played tetris with the carseats until we could fit all six of our kids in the back. 

We pulled up to the entrance booth and the worker told us that it had been crazy busy all day, so after debating for a bit, we didn't even try driving up further to find a parking spot. We parked by the resort and decided we would hike up, hoping that the flowers weren't too far. 

We slathered ourselves in bug spray and tried to minimize what we wanted to carry, which meant tripods were left behind (I'm glad Heather came because that would have meant I would have needed to bring my tripod if I wanted to be in any photos). 

We walked down the stairs and started on the trail when one of the kids announced they needed to go potty. So I kept an eye on everyone while Heather took her to the bathroom, which was luckily right there. I snapped a couple photos while waiting, and then turned around to see Jane's hands covered in thick mud. I rushed to grab her hands before she got any more on her dress and saw a worker hosing down some plants at the top of the stairs. We cleaned her hands up a bit, and her dress wasn't too dirty, but as soon as Heather walked out of the bathroom, I realized Jane's diaper was suddenly filled to the brim. haha so I ran back to the car to change her, and on my way, I overheard someone else exclaim they had to go potty too. So Heather rounded them all into the bathroom so we could get it all taken care of and finally get on our way. 

After we were all thoroughly sweaty (and partly covered in mud), we finally started walking up the trail. 

We probably only walked about a quarter of a mile when we came to a pretty little clearing with some flowers. I tried to scoot my girls off to one side so Heather and I could trade taking pictures of each other, but it proved a little harder than we anticipated. I don't think I'll ever learn to lower my expectations of how photos will go. haha

So I snapped a few of Heather and her kids, and then we let the kids roam a bit before walking up to explore some other pretty places.

It was SO beautiful!

I don't know how to keep shoes on my girls. They immediately came off once they wandered into the flower field and then they complained nearly the whole time about their feet hurting. haha

As we walked up the trail a little further, Lucy was adamant about her shoes staying off. They were jelly shoes and she kept whining about dirt and poky things getting in the holes. She kept sitting down in the middle of the dirt trail and refusing to walk any further. I was already carrying Jane and my chunky camera, so I just kept walking and hoped she would change her mind...which she did. phew. 

We decided to go back down to where we were at the start and Heather would take some pictures of us. I was getting really stressed because the trail was steep and close to a drop off and water (and Lucy kept inching closer and closer to the edge. ugh.), so we decided to just go back down to where we were at the start and Heather would take some pictures of us. I tried SO hard to get my girls excited about just looking around at the flowers while they stood next to me, but I think by this point they had already had their fill. 

But we got a few and I love them! I just wish Ryan had been here so it would have been complete.

My two babies. <3

I normally hate bribing my kids for anything, but I knew they were tired and really hungry and I really wanted just a few pictures of all of us, so I mentioned ice cream and Norah came sprinting haha. She's my girl.

Everyone was so dirty by the end, but I was so happy to get a few photos of me with my girls. We crammed back in the car and made it home at the same time as Ryan. I was going out for the night so I changed my clothes and trotted straight back out the door, leaving Ryan with bedtime. oops. Definitely didn't mean to come home so late. The girls had ice cream and Oatmeal for dinner (ha!), took a bath and went straight to bed. 

And now I have a goal to check out at least one more new place in the mountains before Summer's end. 

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  1. Such beautiful pictures Hannah! I'm so glad you asked me to come. It was definitely a crazy afternoon, but so fun too.