Monday, June 19, 2017

Jane Update

Jane had her 18 month check up a few weeks ago. She is actually turning 19 months this week, but I just kept putting it off. Better late than never. Here are her growing statistics:

Height--32.75inches: 76th percentile
Weight--24.4lbs: 71st percentile 

I talked to the pediatrician about her hearing tests at the ENT office, and he said that based on what I've told him (she seemed to be doing fine in speech at a young age--9/10 months old--but then regressed and I thought it was due to ear infections), he thinks that so much infection had built up in her middle ear that it became inflamed, and just hasn't gone down, even after the fluid has drained. He said he really doesn't think the reason is that it hasn't developed since birth (which is what the ENT thought) and that hopefully the inflammation will go down, and soon! 

Anyway, onto the fun stuff. Jane is at such a fun age! Ryan and I are always commenting on how big she's getting and how fun she is right now. She's getting to the age where she wants to be included in things. If Norah and Lucy run around the house excitedly, Jane will chase them (usually with a saggy diaper, which makes it more endearing) squealing out and laughing. 

The girls all love to go down to Norah's room and play on her big bed. Jane goes out of the room and they close it until she knocks and they let her back in. It's so sweet to see her interacting with them...even if it usually ends in tears. 

Jane seems so sweet and innocent, but she will totally egg Lucy on. She loves to tease her, like in these photos. Lucy was so content reading a book on her own right next to me, and Jane kept coming up and waving the luvie in her face and hair. 

She thought it was SO funny, and wouldn't stop no matter how I tried to distract her.

Eventually, Lucy had enough and decided to get her back. She didn't use as soft of a weapon as Jane had used though...haha. 

Here is another example of when she was teasing Lucy and throwing sand at her, laughing manically as she did so.

She loves being outside and being pushed in the stroller to the park. It's just funny when she knows exactly what she wants and does it, and I forget that she has her own little personality.

Jane has a blanket that she is obsessed with and squeezes every time we give it to her for bed. She knows how to wrap it around her shoulders like a cape and walks around like that. Now we have three blanket addicts on our hands.

Lately, she has been furrowing her eyebrows and glaring at me when she doesn't get what she wants, or for no reason at all and I think it's because she is just practicing? haha I don't know.

Sleeping has been so good lately. You would never think that she was a terrible sleeper at the start. The day Norah and Lucy finished up preschool for the year was Jane's last day on a two-nap schedule. She has done so well with the transition. There were a few cranky mornings, but I'm loving having the time to go out in the morning without rushing back for an early nap. 

I love getting her up from her crib. She's discovered how to unzip her pajamas, and so half the time I will walk in to find that she has zipped them all the way down. She is usually so happy when I get her and will laugh excitedly and kick her legs as we climb up the stairs. Sometimes as I go in, she will pretend not to see me, and keep her head looking a different way. So I'll stick my head in her vision and she will keep staring off and just slowly smile, then plop down on her bed and crawl away, laughing.

We went to visit my sister, Danika, a while ago and Jane was obsessed with one of her cats. She was squealing and stomping excitedly and chasing him all over. It was so cute. I love how she loves animals and screams the entire time because she wants to pet them so badly, but keeps looking at me to make sure it's okay. 

She is a good eater, but a messy one still. She likes to crumple up her sandwiches, and manages to make even the least messy snack get all over.

And so because of this she is still getting lots of baths every day. 

Jane makes a lot of "sh" and "s" noises and it's SO adorable. She will walk up to me, right close to my face, and tell me a whole story while throwing in a lot of the "s" and "sh" sounds. 

Even with her hearing problems, I feel like her speech is still progressing! yay! She says: mamma, dadda, more, yeah, hi, bye, night-night, papa, baby, puppy, dog, cow, moo, boo, milk (kind of), etc. Most of those words she will only say if you ask her to, but at least she knows how to sound it out. She mostly just does a lot of pointing and whimpering for things.

When people are over at our house and she isn't as familiar with them, she stays very close to me and cries if I walk away from her or go into another room. This is way worse when we are at other people's houses. She'll even do this at a park. On the one hand, I like it because I love that she loves being near me and that I can keep a close eye on her, but on the other hand, I want others to really see her personality and for her to be social. But of course, she is a baby, so I'm sure we'll have plenty of time and experiences to work on that. ;)

She is a content baby, and loves to be held. Church has been so hard for her though. She has been going to nursery the past few weeks, but as soon as I sneak out and listen at the door, I will hear her start to cry after looking around for me. It breaks my heart and I feel like I'm traumatizing her. They usually bring her to me during relief society, after she has spent the majority of the time crying, and she'll just lay on my chest and let out a little soft sob every once in a while until she calms down. It's the most heart breaking thing. 

I took these pictures of her wearing the same dress my grandmother made for my mom as a baby. The last photo is me wearing it too at 12 months. 

Jane really does light up our family and we love her so much!

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