Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Taylor's Graduation!

My parents did it, and finally had their very last kid graduate from high school. 
This year marked ten years that Maeser opened (what??), so they held the graduation ceremony on UVU's campus. I tagged along with my parents and brother, Dallin, and made it there just in time. 

We sat in the back and fished through my mom's purse for candy or anything to keep us entertained haha. I had to go to the bathroom at one point and felt a new wave of sadness that Brooklyn wasn't there to come along with me. wah. 

Taylor was looking so tall and grown up and handsome in his cap and gown. He was also recognized as the highest scoring soccer team member in the history of Maeser!

We roamed around the crowded building, trying to stay together, then took a few pictures outside. Taylor with his friends.

I love this cute little brother of mine.

Dallin and I braved the crowded building again to try and catch some old teachers and/or friends who were there. I really wanted to see Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert, but we had no luck and I felt sad that we wouldn't really have an excuse to go visit the school again now that all of our siblings are gone. 

We agreed on a place for dinner and shared some of our best memories from Maeser and tried to cheer Taylor up about all the new changes that were happening. It was really fun having a small little family outing, and I'm glad I was able to make it to support Taylor.

I went home feeling really blue afterwards though, and cried while telling Ryan all about it (poor guy). He offered to stay up with me to watch a movie or pick a logo for my website, and it made me feel so good to know that even though he probably didn't want to do that, he knew it would cheer me up. I got a good one. :)  

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