Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day started when Norah and Lucy presented me with their gifts they made at preschool. These are always my favorite and make me laugh!


Lucy wanted to do two:

We spent Saturday morning doing some yard work and then Ryan had a surprise planned for the day. We drove to the Riverwoods Mall and Ryan ordered me to go buy myself a new bra. haha After complaining for way too long (over a year...hee) about needing to buy a new one, I'm sure he had enough and just wanted to get it over with. So after I took care of that, we met up at the Provo Beach and let the girls play at the arcade for a while.

Norah spotted the giant claw machine and wanted the pink pony. Ryan had already tried a few times and told me to give it a go. But sadly, we came up empty handed every time. I'm kind of glad though...I really didn't want another stuffed animal haha.

We boarded the carousel, but Jane didn't find it amusing at all. 

Norah was so happy the entire time. :)

Jane was much more comfortable here haha.

Ryan showed the girls how to play the fruit ninja came by slicing all the fruit, and they kept yelling out, "hee-yaw!" haha

Jane was so cute playing this little car game. She would turn the wheel back and forth, and then bounce up and down. 

we finished up by playing a very poor round of basketball. haha

But the surprise didn't end there and Ryan took us out to pizza afterward.

Jane was so hungry and fussy, so I piled up some stuff from the salad bar and she attacked it. She's our good little eater.

On Sunday, Ryan let me sleep in and when I woke up, he was making crepes for breakfast! We switched, and he laid down for a bit during Jane's nap while I got ready for church and kept the girls preoccupied with a big bag of colored pencils and markers.

They have both been very interested in coloring lately, so I wasn't suspicious at all when they were quietly coloring in the other room. After about 15 minutes, Lucy walked in and started talking to me. I turned around and she had green...all over her forehead. Norah then walked in the bathroom with marker all over herself too, though not quite as badly. She said that Lucy had colored on her, but couldn't answer when I asked why she allowed Lucy to color all over her. sigh. I started wiping it off when I decided just to embrace it and take a quick photo. haha They were pretty proud of their work. Luckily the green came off really easily, and that was the only color on their faces. The red was much more resistant, so I didn't even bother to scrub their legs. I just thought, "what better way than this to describe the life of a mom?" haha

We made it to church with a few minutes to spare, so I called the day a success. ;)
Norah sang with the primary in sacrament meeting and it was so sweet to see her up there waving at us even though we were sitting in the very back. 
We had a little munch and mingle during relief society and it was so nice to just socialize while Ryan took Jane for the hour.

We visited my parents and had a little barbecue to celebrate the holiday and my mom's birthday!
We enlisted my dad and brother to help us get the girls to smile for a picture while Ryan snapped away. Lucy kept running away and my dad kept chasing her. Then once we finally got Lucy to sit for a few seconds at a time, Norah thought it would be funny to run off too and make Grandpa chase her

I probably take so many photos of them that they are just plain tired. Jane doesn't mind sitting still though. :) Sweet baby girl.

We ate and yakked while the kiddos played in the backyard. The older kids were being borderline hazardous in their game of tag so I had them teach Lucy how to play "down by the banks" instead.

Lucy kept whacking her hands up and down every time they started singing, even when it wasn't her turn and that made everyone break out in giggles. It was so cute to watch. 

They were all so sweet teaching her how to wait her turn. 

The three mommas of the party. It was a small gathering with just us, and we missed everyone who wasn't able to make it. We had a good time gabbing and eating too much food. 

All in all, it was a really great, relaxing Mother's Day weekend, and I'm so lucky to have my little family who spoiled me and who give me a reason to celebrate. :)

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