Saturday, May 6, 2017


If anyone knows my sister, Brooklyn, they know she is an amazing artist. So it wasn't a surprise that she was offered an internship designing for Hasbro...but I was heartbroken upon learning it was clear the heck across the country in Rhode Island. 

The day finally came for them to pack up their apartment and leave. wah :((
I loaded the girls into the car and vroomed down to Provo to help them get things organized. 

The girls scarfed down nearly a whole box of cheerios as they watched a movie, while I hovered around Brooklyn, pestering her to tell me what to help with.
We left for bedtime, but came back the next morning to help clean and load the truck. Since Brooklyn and Matt had already packed up their TV, we let Norah and Lucy loose on the playground next to the apartment and tried to keep Jane from sneaking out there too. We checked on them every few minutes or whenever we heard them scream-fighting over the community cozy coupe car. Needless to say, I don't think I was very productive haha.

Then my parents and Dallin met us at my house to unload all their things into our shed to store while they are gone.  Matt's Dad spent all morning helping them pack and load the truck and then tried to back the trailer into our driveway to unload. But our driveway is very deep and you will scrape the bottom of your car if you don't come in at an angle--so when he tried to back the trailer in, it got stuck on a lip of cement. He tried again and made it with less than a quarter of an inch to spare. We all cheered and agreed that he should win an award. 

Unloading was SO much faster, but then it meant it was time to say goodbye. :(

Lucky for me, I got to have Brooklyn all to myself for a while after everyone left and Matt and his dad went to return the U-haul. 

The girls woke up from their naps in time to attack Brooklyn and woof down all the muffins she brought to share. 

I'll miss Brooklyn and Matt so much. I'm glad it's only a few months they will be gone, and luckily we have Facetime to get me through until then! Love you both!

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