Thursday, May 18, 2017

Final Preschool Graduation!

This was my mom's last year of teaching preschool after 20+ years, and today was her final graduation ceremony! We used to put up the slip and slide at their old house and have a water party, but since they moved, we had it at a park instead. Except it was freezing! My mom said she woke up and saw it was 32 degrees outside and came really close to postponing until next week, but decided to go through with it after all. 

We got there and I immediately cuddled up in a blanket while Ryan chased the girls around the playground until it was time to start the graduation. 

We got them in their gowns (men's dress shirts put on backwards, so cute, huh?!) and had them all line up for photos. Normally they sing some songs and recite a few poems or something, but I guess they decided to forgo all that. *teardrop*

Norah and Lucy both getting their diplomas haha

We will miss having Grandma Brand as the preschool teacher, but I'm excited for her to start a new adventure, no doubt! 

The kids played and played despite the cold weather. Norah and Lucy even took off their coats and shoes at one point and didn't want to put them back on. Such free spirits. sigh. 

It was fun talking with the other moms and it made me sad that I won't be seeing most of them next year because their kids are either going into kindergarten or they are starting at a different preschool. 

Our day, of course, wouldn't be complete without some sort of chaos, and Lucy made sure to add a little to the mix. She has been potty trained for over 6 months, and hasn't had an accident in at least a month, but that didn't stop her from pooping in her pants. I guess she got so excited and didn't think to stop and tell me. Luckily someone had a diaper--but no wipes--to spare (since I didn't come prepared), and luckily I happened to have wipes in the car, so we cleaned up and took it as our hint to go home. 

It's been a fun year for the girls and my mom has had such awesome teachers helping her, we will miss it! But I am SO excited for Summer and an open schedule to play with friends and go swimming! 

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