Saturday, May 6, 2017

Bracita Retreat!

Over a year ago, my sister Brittney and I were talking about how we missed having the whole family together. Then we got a brilliant idea to start an annual Bracita Retreat, where all the sisters get together for a weekend alone. Then began a year's worth of planning and saving money for the best weekend ever!

We originally were planning to rent out a little airbnb place, but since Brittney and Dave moved recently, they graciously offered up their spacious home for us to spend the weekend together instead. It was so perfect! 

Aubrey and Brooklyn met at my house so we could carpool to the Provo Airport and pick up Katelyn. We had Ryan's car jam packed with pillows, blankets, food, and anything else we thought we might need for the next few days. 

We kickstarted the evening with dinner and treats, then chatted in the living room. Mom stopped by for a bit and snapped pictures of us while maniacally laughing.

She took probably 50 pictures, and these were the only ones that turned out haha, though that was mostly due to the flash not firing. 

We played a few rounds of Telestration and laughed until our bodies ached, then finally got ready for bed. We had 1 queen air mattress, 1 queen regular mattress, and 2 spots on the couch, so Katelyn, Brooklyn, and I fought over the regular mattress and ended up all snuggled right next to each other...until Katelyn surrendered and moved to the couch.

We slept in the next morning and our tentative schedule sort of flew out the window. We chatted in the kitchen while Brittney went around and did everyone's hair for the day!

By the time we made it out the door, it was late afternoon and we were all exhausted, at least I was. We split up to go buy groceries for the rest of the meals. Katelyn and Brooklyn went with me and we dragged our feet around the store, trying to summon energy. 

After dinner, Brittney led us in a mini workout. Danika and I were multitasking by participating in the squats and taking bites of our salad at the same time haha. 

We started the same workout again, but did pushups instead, and I had to drop out. So weak!

Then we played our new favorite game, Rollick, until way too late. We tried to figure out plans for the next day, and after trying unsuccessfully to reserve an evening spot for an Escape Game, we decided last minute to just schedule it the next morning. But after staying up late, we were really regretting having to wake up by 8am. Katelyn kept rushing us and saying it was going to take 20 minutes to make it there from Brittney's house, but it wasn't until we were all jammed in the car pulling out of the driveway when she turned around with a smirk on her face announcing she had tricked us and said it only took 12 minutes to get there. haha she knows us too well.

We didn't want to take two cars everywhere, so everyone squished in the back while Katelyn and I had big comfy seats in the front--though we could argue that we are the ones with the biggest fannies, so it was fair in the end. ;)

We arrived just in time for our reservation at the Live Game Escape in Salt Lake and were given instructions to find clues in order to get out of the room. When we first got in Aubrey immediately saw how to unlock our handcuffs and so we thought the rest would be a breeze, but then ended up having to ask for multiple hints in order to move on to the next clue. We just chalked it up to the fact that we were all sleep deprived. ;)

After conquering the escape room, we went shopping for some clothes. Though I went in fully ready to spend some money and buy lots of things since I was desperately in need of every article of clothing, I came out empty handed. wah. We found a sushi restaurant nearby and woofed it all down. I don't know what was more alarming to the cute little waitress who was helping us: the fact that we ate with such ferocity, or the fact we were all sisters..and had 3 more brothers at home!

We zoomed back up to Salt Lake for our nail appointment and spent nearly three hours then getting pampered and talking about all sorts of lady topics.

We did some more shopping that evening and I left empty handed once again, though I'm sure my wallet is thankful. We ended back at Brittney's around 9 and threw together left over crepes for dinner then talked about finances, listened to our new favorite song, Chandelier (I'd never heard it before), and went around talking about each person and determining what their fashion style was. We ended the night by playing some more Rollick. 

We fought again over the mattress and fell asleep watching Baby Mamma. The next morning I rushed around with Brooklyn to tidy our things up, then raced back home so she could get to a baby blessing and I could help Ryan get the girls ready for church.

Everyone met at the mini mothership for a lunch and said goodbye to Katelyn, who was the first to leave. :(

It was such a fun weekend and I'm so glad we planned it and made it happen. It took me a couple of days to recover from being so tired and eating so much junk food, but we are already looking forward to next year's retreat! 

Katelyn perfectly summed up the weekend with this:

 The best 3.5 days EVER!!! 😘🤗🤓😭 so many memorable moments.... Hannah's belly flop, Aubit's analogy of the bee/hornet, meditation, yoga, the cat who had a question, all of boogies illustrations, deep discussions about life insurance, finances, relationships etc, crepes for 40% of our meals, listening to that girl sing chandelier a dozen times, 3 hours at the nail salon, everyone squishing in the backseat while I enjoyed the very spaciously comfy front seat 😈SUUUUUUUSHI, squat/push-up routine led by Brittney, determining everyone's "brand/style", giving away a care package to a homeless man put together by Danika who always has several of them in her car ❤️💕 getting the H the out of that escape room feeling/looking brain dead, Danika's snuggle shirt, and finally being able to perform brand sisters dance for Aubs 😂😂

To many things to explain, but I am so grateful I have so many wonderful sisters!

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