Monday, May 8, 2017

A Snail's Fate

Last year we had quite the infestation of snails in our backyard, and so the girls were head over heels when I brought out the first snail of the year today. haha

I set it on the sidewalk for them to observe and it immediately started a fight about who could hold it. Norah kept smacking Lucy's fingers away, and Lucy kept crying because she wanted it to be in front of her.

Once Lucy got some one-on-one, she grabbed the top of the shell and scraped it across the sidewalk as if it were a toy car, surely killing the snail. Rolling my eyes, I told Lucy she just hurt the snail by doing that, and she responded by looking directly at me and doing the same thing again. sigh.

Though the snail was most likely dead, Lucy carried it around for the next half hour, cuddling her (yes, her), and calling her "so cute!"

She named her Ariel (haha of course)

Norah convinced Lucy to let Ariel take a ride down the slide, and then Norah grabbed it and ran away. haha Lucy was pretty distraught Norah tricked her, but then I found another snail and it was all fair.

Norah was kissing the shell just before I took this picture. I'm glad she was being softer than Lucy, but kissing the shell was crossing the line for me. 

Once it was time to go back inside and make dinner, Lucy tried to sneak inside with the snail, despite the fact that it was foaming at this point. 
She ran inside and hid under the table, not willing to give up the snail. She thought it was pretty funny I was trying to coax her out, and Jane wanted in on the fun too.

Hopefully word gets around the snail community to just migrate out of our backyard so they won't have to suffer through the Lucy mania.

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