Monday, April 10, 2017


Ryan's work started giving their employees tickets to the Real Salt Lake home games and we got lucky this time around. And since his boss just had a baby, they passed on their tickets to us as well, which meant we got to invite Brooklyn and Matt to come with us!

Earlier that day we had gone to the park and enjoyed the warm weather, but as game time drew near, it started getting more cloudy and rainy. I wasn't thinking at all and just wore low top shoes to the game. HUGE mistake. Ryan and I parked several streets away and walked through the rain to get to the stadium, so by the time we go there, my shoes and socks were already wet. 

Once Brooklyn and Matt met up with us, we ditched our original seats and climbed up to the covered seating. Poor Matt wasn't too sure about their original parking spot, so he braved the storm once more to move it and missed the entire first half. Brooklyn and I did too, but that was mostly because we were busy chatting and taking selfies haha.

Brooklyn's socks were also wet, so we stripped our feet and snuggled them up together under the blanket. 

It was so so cold, so we bumped up our enthusiasm and cheered all we could to keep ourselves warm. And though I wouldn't consider myself a sports fanatic, it was fun to watch! 

This is what the field looked like toward the end of the game. 

The wind was killing us, and so after RSL scored their third goal, we headed out. Getting my frozen stiff socks and shoes back on was pretty wretched, and walking back to the car felt like a million years. I was numb all the way past my ankles so it felt like my feet had been replaced with bricks and I was stomping them to a pulp. We tried to run, but then my ligaments started aching, and then my shoulder started hurting, and I thought perhaps my legs would need to be amputated, or at least have frost bite...but it still wasn't enough to convince Ryan to carry me. RUDE! haha! We did, however, make it back to the car and I immediately shed my soaking coat and shoes. 
My legs survived and I'm glad to say they won't need to be amputated after all, though I might use the whole ordeal as an excuse to never have to run again. ;)

It's my new goal to go out on dates more often and I'm glad we were able to get away to reconnect for a bit, frozen toes and all.


  1. hahahha. That is hilarious, but sounds awful! Makes for a funny story/fun memory? Also, you are pretty, pretty girls!!!

  2. Oh! Some of my favorite people, too. Sounds cold and miserable. Ha. I'm glad you enjoyed it though and that you all survived the cold! I can't believe how much snow is there.

    And Yay for date night. Neat that Ryan's work give tickets to those games.