Friday, March 17, 2017

The Wearing of Green!

Because I couldn't find any cheap St. Patrick's Day outfits for the girls, and also because I wanted to try out a new pattern, I made these little dresses for the girls to wear for the holiday! 

I found this pattern, and after spending FAR too long figuring out how to piece it all together, I made the first dress. The other two came together much faster and it made me want to make a whole slew of them for the summer.

I had envisioned some cute holiday pictures of the girls (I'll never learn to just go in with no expectations) and was feeling frustrated when all the candids were of them making weird faces. haha
Jane was also still recovering from her ruptured eardrum, and was so clingy and fussy that she was crying nearly the whole time.

So most of the pictures turned out like this. Norah was pouty for no reason, Lucy was beyond excited and kept trying to wrap her arm around Jane's neck, and Jane was just miserable. Actually, this usually happens, no matter how everyone is feeling haha.

But luckily Ryan came to the rescue and was able to get at least two of them to smile and Jane to look our way. :)

They just played around at the greenhouse the rest of the time while I snapped away.

I love taking pictures of the girls because it makes me watch them really closely and I am always surprised to see how they resemble different members of our family. I kept thinking that Norah looked like my sister, Aubrey, here. I used to think that when she was a newborn, but had forgotten, so it was funny to see it again.

Norah and Lucy liked looking at all the flowers and kept trying to pick them up and carry them around.

I felt like all the photos from the greenhouse didn't turn out and wanted to just quit, but then after a good long nap, we decided to try again, but this time add in some fun things.

Ryan has said every year that the Mcdonald's shamrock shake is really good, but we've never actually had it, so we picked some up for the occasion. While going through the drive through, we seriously saw three chickens crossing state street. haha people were getting out of their cars and taking pictures, no doubt getting ready to post on facebook with a "why did the chicken cross the road" joke. ;)

I was happy that Jane was starting to enjoy life for a minute while drinking her milkshake.

It's always so much easier taking pictures of just one of the girls, especially when you add food in. So while Norah and Lucy were at preschool, Jane and I snacked on Lucky Charms.

She was so sweet and daintily put in one piece of cereal at a time.

It's fun to look back at the St. Patrick's Day photos from last year and see how much bigger Jane is (and how the photography has improved)!

Anyway, we've already had a fun St. Patrick's Day so far and I hope everyone else has too!

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