Tuesday, March 21, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Festivities

I don't remember ever celebrating St. Patrick's day when I was growing up, and quite frankly, I think a big reason many people celebrate nowadays is because of Pinterest. Guilty. But I just love it. And we honestly don't do a whole lot, but it makes a big impression on the girls.

I haven't bought breakfast cereal in a long time, and so when I told Norah we were having Lucky Charms for breakfast, she said, "This is the most fun day ever!" So I felt we were off to a pretty good start. :)

We met my sister and her boys at the Lehi Library for a music and movement class for toddlers, and they all seemed to have a good time!

The girl in charge was so energetic and fun! 

Even Norah, who usually acts too shy during these kinds of things, got in on the fun.

When they asked all the kids to come up front for a story, Norah didn't even hesitate and zoomed on up there, followed by Lucy.

We danced around and Lucy was really getting into it. She kept grabbing her dress and pulling it up, exposing her princess underwear for all to see.  

Jane just wanted to dance in my arms most of the time. I am glad we went to check it out! I was really fun and they used sign language a lot, which Norah has been interested in lately. She's even used a few of the signs since then.

We played with cousins for a bit before nap time and then met up again at our house to make food! 
I had originally wanted to make some fun rainbow cupcakes, but we ran out of time, plus I have no self control when it comes to sweets, so I thought it was a good thing. Next year maybe. ;)

Katelyn and her boys came over and we woofed down our traditional green and rainbow dinner before getting the kids set up with a babysitter so we could all go out on a group date to Comedy Sportz. 

It was so fun celebrating the holiday all together!

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