Thursday, March 30, 2017

Scaling New Heights!

Our preschool field trip this month was to the Quarry rock climbing gym, and the girls LOVED it. I was at first debating whether we should even go since it was during Jane's morning nap--that's usually my dilemma--but I just decided to keep Jane up and go since the girls were so excited about it and since we missed the trip last month. 

Once we got there, all the kids were upstairs testing out the warm-up kid wall to get comfortable. I was surprised that Norah wasn't afraid to climb all the way up and then get partway down before jumping to the ground. 

As soon as all the kids had time to warm up, we went back down to get them harnessed and ready to climb the big walls. 

Norah was so cute while she got ready with Grandma Brand. She kept looking over at me with her tongue in her cheek, trying to hold back a smile.

It took a little bit to find a space that wasn't too hard for Norah to start out. She thought the swinging part was pretty fun.

I was so impressed with how far Norah got. She didn't seem afraid at all and was so proud of herself for climbing. She probably got about 20 feet up (I'm terrible at estimating that sort of thing so I may be way off, but it looked really high to me! haha)

While Lucy waited for her turn, she liked pulling on the ropes and making a couple of them fall all the way down. haha

Then it was finally her turn!

She kept holding onto the rope instead of grabbing onto the rocks and pulling herself up. Norah really wanted to help. She kept running up and trying to place Lucy's foot on each rock.

Jane grew tired of hanging out on my hip, so she ran around our whole area. It was just a little stressful since there were other climbers there and so I had to make sure she didn't go near them.

Lucy just wanted to climb around on the stair banisters instead of the walls.

We went back to the warm up wall and had it to ourselves for a while. Lucy was much more comfortable with this, though maybe it was because she wasn't distracted by the ropes all around her.

It was really fun watching the girls climb around and have so much fun. Some of the moms even climbed themselves and it made me want to do it too, but I didn't want to dump all three of my kids on someone else. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to make Ryan take me for date night! ;)

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