Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Pi{e} Day!

Yesterday was Pi day, and I think I was just as excited about it as the girls were. I had initially wanted to switch it up by trying my hand at apple pie, but then decided against it. So we stuck to our tradition of making Grandma Jeanne's strawberry pie recipe instead! 

I told Norah we would make it as soon as they got home from preschool, and you better believe they woofed down their lunch as fast as they could so we could get going! 

Norah was excited to wear her apron again, just like the last time we made strawberry pie. I love that she always remembers to put it on haha.
She and Lucy both got to cut up the strawberries themselves, though Lucy's ended up getting more smashed than sliced.

Everyone was excited about having a big pile of strawberries right in front of them, and several of them went missing. ;)

Jane kept taking bites and then grabbing more. She couldn't eat them fast enough!

It took all their concentration to get this part right. Norah did a great job slowly pouring in the jello mixture and we had just a few minor spills. 

My sister, Katelyn, was coming into town with her family and so we had all planned to make pizza at our parents' house. So I gathered up all the ingredients from my house and hauled them over, only to find no one was at home. 
I prepared all the dough, but wanted to curse up to the heavens when the bosch was giving me grief. I guess I've just been really spoiled with having a kitchen aid, but I don't know why people use a bosch. My dough kept sliding out and squishing up out of the lid and making a giant mess. 

I thought for a split second that I was going to have to haul everything back home to finish preparing the dough, but luckily I was able to make it work. phew. 

Ryan got home and we ate then loaded up the girls in the car for him to take home and put to bed before anyone else got there, but I think the girls had fun regardless...

And they especially liked the pie. ;)

Everyone else showed up just a little later and we ended the night chatting and playing our new favorite game, banana grams! 

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