Thursday, March 2, 2017

Jane Update

Jane's little personality is starting to shine through and I love seeing her get excited about being involved in everything we do.

She has been taking steps here and there for a couple of months, but on February 7th, she decided to commit full time to walking! I love watching her walk, it is seriously the cutest thing. She looks like she just stepped off a horse after riding all day. 

She loves containers and putting things in tupperware and then carrying them around all over the house. Our sippy cup and tupperware drawers are her favorite places to play. I love this stage when they are curious about everything and try to see how things work, it's the cutest.

When Jane was 9 months old, she was starting to say "mamma" and "dadda", but her speech has regressed a ton. :( If I try to get her to copy what I say, she'll usually just laugh and find something else to do. The one word she consistently says is "yeah". It's really cute. If I ask her if she wants milk or something, she'll jerk her head up and say "yeah" in a high pitch voice. She also has started to say "soft" (sounds more like "saw") and pet softly.

Jane takes her morning nap while Norah and Lucy are at preschool, but then she'll wake up about an hour before they are finished, so we take that time to read books, clean the house together, and play. Her favorite books are The Ear Book (Just like Lucy at this age), and The Wheels On The Bus. 

She loves sitting in my lap and loves being held, but she still doesn't like being held by anyone but Ryan and me, though there are a couple exceptions. She likes to come plop down in my lap and sit there with me, especially if I'm feeding her and she isn't in her high chair. She does NOT like sharing my lap though. If one of the other girls are sitting in my lap, she'll try to squeeze in too and slowly push them away. She wants to be right in the middle of my legs with lots of room to herself. 

Jane loves her blanket. She has two that she usually rotates sleeping with, but when I wake her and pick her up out of her crib, she always wants to bring a blanket with her. She'll squeeze and hug her blanky and laugh when she first holds it every time. She likes to give her blankets rides in the stroller.

She also loves getting pushed in the stroller and pushing others in the doll stroller. 

Sometimes if Norah wakes up in the morning and Jane is awake already, I'll let her go down and play with her for a few minutes until I'm ready to drag my fanny out of bed. They are so sweet with each other.

Jane just discovered our popper toy and she is obsessed. It's SO cute to watch her toddle around with her bow-legged walk pushing this thing while it pops. The other day I was on the phone with a nurse at the doctor's office, and Jane followed me everywhere I went, popping this little thing the whole time. I tried going outside, but it was freezing. Then I tried going downstairs, but she started crawling down, carrying the toy with her. haha

Jane hates getting dressed. And diaper changes. If I try to get clothes on her before putting her down for a nap, she'll thrash around and act like I'm about to perform surgery on her. So she's usually naked. I don't know a lot about how I was as a child, but the one thing I do know is how I never kept clothes on, and I have about three hundred pictures to prove it. So I guess Jane takes after me?

Jane recently started folding her arms when we are about to say the prayer. We didn't really teach her, she just picked up on it and it's SO cute! She'll even keep them folded the whole time (since our prayers are always speedy fast).

Jane loves playing with the girls, as long as they are actually being soft. Lucy loves to pull on Jane's diaper while Jane tries to crawl away and they both laugh hysterically. It usually ends up in a ripped diaper, but they both love it.

All of the girls love when we build blanket forts, or even if we just spread a big blanket on the ground. They'll run over it and roll on it. Jane will just lay down and roll around as if it's the best thing that's ever happened. 

Jane loves watching for Ryan, just like her sisters. She'll kind of sing and squeal and make "panting" noises (I don't know what else to call it) when she sees him pull in the driveway. I love how she likes to switch off who is holding her, depending on who has most recently walked into the room. ;)

Jane is the perfect caboose to our train of sweet girls. 

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