Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Amazing Wonder Lucy and Her Super Underwear!

I told myself (and others) that I wasn't even going to attempt potty training Lucy until she was three. Since potty training Norah was such a breeze, I was sure things would be more difficult the second time around in comparison. 

But back in October when Lucy started acting really interested in the potty--and in Norah's princess underwear in particular--I wondered if maybe she was already ready. She became absolutely adamant *adamant* about wearing big girl underwear, so the potty training commenced. 

I was feeling so busy with life and wasn't motivated whatsoever to clean up accidents and act as cheerleader, but Lucy was doing surprisingly well! She didn't have accidents very often, and when she did, it was usually my own fault. Like Norah (and most kids during early potty training), she had a hard time wanting to poop and would usually go when we put a diaper on for naps or bed time, though sometimes it happened in her underwear too, in which case we would just throw it out altogether. ;) 

After a few weeks of doing pretty well, we ran into a little bump in the road and she regressed for a bit, but I was too tired to push through it, so I told her we were taking a break for a while, which she was fine with, so it felt like a win-win.  But only a couple weeks into our break, she wanted to start wearing underwear again. At one point, she was trying her darndest to convince me to let her wear underwear. I kept telling her that as soon as she learned to poop in the potty then we could try it again. She would agree with the plan, but didn't seem to fully understand what I meant because she would immediately cry and beg to put the underwear on. This back and forth went on for at least an hour before I could calm her down. 

I would often (like several times a day) find her sneaking into her room and taking off her diaper to put underwear on, so we decided to give it another go. I was hoping to make it to Christmas break before trying again, but she was insistent! Luckily, this time around she was doing much better at telling me when she had to go potty. Then one day, at the suggestion of another mom, I put her on the potty after feeling suspicious of her needing to poop, and shut the door behind me to give her some privacy. When I walked back in, she had gone all by herself! From then on, it has been mostly smooth sailing. She was SO excited, and we danced and cheered and called everyone on my "favorites" list to tell them the exciting news. 

She'll still have accidents every now and then--like the other day when I finished working out at the gym and came to pick her up from daycare only to realize that she had peed all over the floor--but she is usually really good about going and I try to take her potty every hour or so. She stays dry at preschool and LOVES wearing underwear just like Norah. 

At the beginning, she was switching into new underwear throughout the entire day because she was so excited about wearing them all. Now she is better about being patient and waits to wear a new pair until the next day...or sometimes halfway through the day if she is really eager. She loves all the princess underwear we have, but also loves the super/power girl underwear we got for Christmas. My favorites are definitely the wonder woman ones. 

We watched an episode of Daniel Tiger about using the potty, so now we sing the little song together so she remembers to stop what she's doing to go potty right away. She doesn't like when I try to wash her hands for her afterwards and always tells me, "wash your own hands!" haha

She still asks if she can wear underwear every time I put a diaper on during naps or bed time, but she is good about agreeing that once she starts to stay dry consistently during sleep, then she'll be able to wear underwear to bed. However, we aren't planning on that for a long time, because she LOVES water and insists on having a sippy with her in bed, which means we change her in the middle of her sleep before we go to bed every night since she gets SO full. haha

She's our spunky, grown up wonder girl!

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