Monday, February 13, 2017

Early Valentine's Celebration

When Ryan and I got a hotel for our anniversary a couple of months ago, we were given some points to redeem at any time for a free night's stay since there were some complications, so we were so excited when Ryan's parents agreed to come down for the weekend to watch the girls while we got away! 

We had planned beforehand to just get food to bring to the hotel instead of our usual tradition of walking around salt lake for food, stopping at the same used book store only to not get anything since we don't want to haul it around with us, and rushing back to the hotel to use the bathroom. ;)
 I'm glad we had already decided to nix that idea because it was cold and rainy the day we left. 

I made some chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels to bring with us--and left some behind for the girls when they noticed me making them;). We picked up some pizza and watched The Office while eating. I ate every single one of those strawberries (plus two on the drive up--no self control, people). Ryan isn't a huge fan of chocolate strawberries, hence the pretzels, and though I knew that, I still made a whole plate full because it's one of my favorite treats!...and I'm a porker.  

Every time we've spent the night away, we, for whatever reason, always get up just as early as normal and head home. After last time, I told Ryan that I really wanted to just sleep in the next time we got out. Except, this time, we still had to get up early since I had a photoshoot to get to. So now we're definitely sleeping in next time we get a hotel, no exception! Regardless, it was still so nice and relaxing, and exactly what I needed.

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