Monday, February 13, 2017

Cupid's Cuties

Call me crazy, but I bought Norah and Lucy's outfits last year after valentine's day and have saved them this whole time for this particular shoot. But aren't they so cute? I've said it before, but holidays are always so much more fun with kiddos around to share it with. We bought some valentine cards to hand out at preschool and we've been practicing writing Norah's name on all of her cards. They really wanted to hand out smarties AND dum dums when I asked which ones they wanted, but we settled on smarties since it meant there would be extra for them to enjoy as well. ;)

I don't know how to fix the quality of the photos on blogger to be better, but here they are anyway. 

Jane is wearing the outfit I got for Lucy's first birthday and it makes me all nostalgic. 
It's getting harder and harder to do these photoshoots of all three of them by myself, so luckily Ryan was willing to help, even though I usually notify him of these things just moments before wanting to do them.

I bought heart shaped suckers for them since I knew it would keep them still, and also, how cute??
Haha Lucy's face. I told them to smile like a princess with their suckers and this is what she gave me. Norah's chin was up a little too high, so I asked her to lower it a little...

This is what she gave me:




I was laughing about those pictures all week as I kept looking through them.

Jane was so happy to have a sucker. My mom gave Norah and Lucy suckers after preschool one day, and so when I came to pick them up and Jane saw they both had some, she was NOT happy to be left out. So my mom scrambled to find something for her too. haha!

Ryan asked if I wanted him to get these glasses while he was at the dollar store to get the balloons, and of course I couldn't pass them up. They were so cute on the girls and they all kept them on!

I've been putting off doing individual updates of all the girls, so for now, here are some individual pictures of them.

Norah, age 4.

I asked if she wanted to wear lipstick for her pictures, to which she replied with an enthusiastic, "YES!"

I woke Lucy from her nap and immediately started getting her ready for her own pictures, which was probably a mistake since she was still a little groggy and not as least not real smiles.

I started putting her hair in pigtails and I'm in love! Her little curls are so sweet and feminine.

I started playing peek-a-boo behind the tree and got some real smiles out of her, which I'm glad since she has such a darling dimple.

Jane started walking full time the week I took these pictures and I was happy/sad. I could watch her walk all day, it's so adorable. I took approximately 100 hours of video of her walking around the house to document the first stages of learning to balance.

I kept trying to put these glasses on her for a few photos, but without a sucker to distract her, she would immediately pull them off along with her headband since it was keeping her glasses on as well.

But luckily I had extra suckers. Her face was so cute when I pulled it out for her. 

Here she is, walking around. Ryan thinks this outfit looks so goofy haha. 

The top of her sucker broke off, so I just took one more before fishing it out so she wouldn't choke. 

I'm so glad I got these cute photos, and now I'm planning on trying to find cute outfits on sale again to save for next year! ;)

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