Monday, February 27, 2017

All Bundled Up!

People are probably going to hate me for saying this, but I was just a little glad that it snowed today. I haven't taken the girls out to play in the snow at ALL this whole winter and I was sort of hoping that we would have one last chance to get out and build a snowman and make snow angels. 

We only have one pair of snow boots that Norah and Lucy share, and only recently were given a pair of snow pants that fit Lucy. I kept putting off buying another pair of boots and snow pants, and by the time I went to get some, they were all out of stock for the season. 

So I decided to just make do with what we had and take them out anyway. As soon as Jane went down for a nap, I told them to hurry and get dressed so we could go out while it was still snowing. I tried to get Lucy to put on her snow pants, but she did NOT want anything to do with them. So I told her that I would take Norah out and they could trade off wearing the boots and pants, but that idea didn't please her either. 

She was SO sad that I made her stay inside. :(

So I told her to just put on her cowgirl boots and a coat. I couldn't bare those big teary eyes. 

Norah was beyond excited that I finally took them out. She started to roll a ball of snow in hopes that it would get big enough to become a snowman, but it wasn't sticking very well.

So she resorted to just throwing the snow instead. 

It was so fun to watch them playing together and laughing every time they threw snow.

A couple of times, Lucy dropped snow right down her boot and became paralyzed from the cold.

Lately, whenever we are getting in our car to go somewhere, Norah will grab a handful of snow (which is usually melty or icy by that point) and then try to eat it. I told her that it was actually okay to taste it this time since it was fresh. She ended up getting a big leaf in her handful, and I know it probably isn't really all that clean, but oh well. 

Norah kept crawling back and forth across the whole lawn. She loved that the snow pants could get in the snow without getting her wet. 

I think since Lucy didn't have the best gear on, she got bored and decided to pull out the wiggle car from the garage. 

Norah tried to play in the window beds that are filled with dirt, so I told her to get down. She wanted to clean herself off, so she rolled all in the snow and then stood up to shake it off. It was the cutest little jump/hip swivel move I ever did see.

She ended her fun by making a snow angel and then immediately began whining that her hands were freezing cold. 

They were both ecstatic when I told them that they could have some hot cocoa to warm up. 

I love these girls and I'm glad we could spend some fun in the snow today. Now that we've had the experience, can it just melt and be Spring already??

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