Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Norah Update

A few thoughts about our Norah girl:

She is such a funny girl, but it seems that she sometimes tries to suppress her excitement for things. I remember when she was a baby she wouldn't really laugh, which made me bummed out/a little worried ('cause I mean, come on, I'm pretty hilarious;)). It was like she would hold the laugh inside of her and just kind of smile and grunt instead. She didn't really laugh out loud and hard consistently until she was about a year old.
Now, if she gets excited about something, she'll kind of tuck her tongue into the inside of her cheek and sort of hold back a smile. My sisters used to make fun of me when I was little for doing a similar thing whenever I told a lie. The tongue gave me away every time. 

Norah almost always wakes up from her nap before Lucy and Jane, and she'll walk up the stairs quietly to my room. She'll usually stand at the door for a few seconds until she catches my eye and then waits to see how I'll respond. If I smile and tell her to come see me, then she'll rush over, tongue in her cheek, and give me a hug. It's the sweetest thing.

She loves watching movies and asks almost every day. I try really hard to limit the movies, but sometimes I'll let her watch a short movie until her sisters wake up. She loves watching the Dr. Seuss books on my phone in my bed. 

Norah has an incredible memory. I'm sure I've said it before, but I am so amazed every time she remembers things from so long ago. She remembers people names, things we've done, and even streets we drive down. If I take a different route when driving places, she'll get confused and ask if we are still going the right way. 

Lately (for the past 6 months. ha!) I have been going to bed later than I should and so I'm always SO tired in the morning. Norah will come to my side of the bed and try to wake me up and ask me to go make her "breaf-dist" (one of the few words she still mispronounces and I love it too much to correct her yet). 
Sometimes, if I'm taking too long to get out of bed, she'll ask if she can make her own toast, which I usually say is okay. She also loves making her own meat and cheese sandwich. The other day, I had company over, and Norah kept asking when we could have lunch. The next thing I knew, she walked back in with her own meat and cheese sandwich haha.

She and Lucy both love helping me in the kitchen. I'll sometime give Norah a knife to help me slice up fruit or vegetables.

Norah is taking off with reading and has surprised me with how quickly she has learned to sound out her letters and blend them to make words. I can tell that she memorizes her reading books, but when she comes to something she doesn't remember, she can still sound it out and remember what she just read in the sentence. I'm trying not to push her too fast and we go at her own pace, but she is so excited to get to the more advanced books. 

I caught these two reading books quietly in Lucy's room one day. I love how much they love reading. We like to go to DI to pick out books and have found some great ones for under $1, though it does take quite a bit of sorting through so it doesn't happen too often. Norah gets so excited when we bring home new books and wants to read them all right then and there. 

Lately, every time Norah goes down the stairs, she'll plop down on her bum and slide, bumping the whole way down. She insists that it is faster than walking, and I enjoy watching her. 

We love to watch for Ryan coming home. I try to time it so they can watch for him without having to wait at the window too long. When Norah sees him pull up, she'll scream, run out to the kitchen and ask me if I'll open the door so she can meet him.

Norah likes to count everything these days, especially when we are reading a book. We just got 10 Apples Up On Top, by Dr. Seuss and Norah loves counting all of the apples on every page...which makes it a pretty lengthy book in the end. She counts so much that Lucy wanted to jump on the bandwagon and start counting things too!

She's really been into crafts lately. Ryan's mom bought us this big craft bucket from Costco over the summer, and so I'll just get it down from the shelf and let them have at it while Jane naps. There are some packets of sequins and beads that Norah likes to dump out onto paper and make things for other people.

If I do something, or don't do something, that upsets Norah, she'll burst into tears and tell me all about how I hurt her feelings. It's so tender when she runs in the room after having a dispute with Lucy and I assume that Lucy has physically hurt her, until she tells me that Lucy has hurt her feelings! :(

Norah still naps every day and still won't sleep without her polka dot blanket. She sucks her thumb when she is trying to fall asleep, but then takes it out once she's asleep. I meant to ask the pediatrician about it at her four year checkup last month, but it slipped my mind. It isn't affecting her teeth at all so I'm not too worried about it. 

We usually strip all the girls down to their underwear and diaper for meal times, because laundry (ugh). And so after we are finished eating. Norah will stick out her belly and say. "Look! I have a fat tummy!" and then laugh. I don't know if I should respond in a certain way, so I'll try to just say something along the lines of, "Yes! You ate lots and now your tummy is all full!" 

Norah loves going to church and I'm SO glad she has had fun primary teachers all along, because I was honestly worried that she would be bored in primary. She's in CTR 5 now! Her teachers bring treats every week, and a lot of times, Norah will save some to give to me or her sisters. It's so sweet. 
The other week, she told us that her teachers weren't at church, so I asked who taught her class. She said, "Just some old people. They didn't bring treats." haha so I guess we know how to win her over. ;)

I'm so glad Norah was the first to join our family, and I love watching her grow!...though I wouldn't mind her slowing down just a bit! 

Monday, February 27, 2017

All Bundled Up!

People are probably going to hate me for saying this, but I was just a little glad that it snowed today. I haven't taken the girls out to play in the snow at ALL this whole winter and I was sort of hoping that we would have one last chance to get out and build a snowman and make snow angels. 

We only have one pair of snow boots that Norah and Lucy share, and only recently were given a pair of snow pants that fit Lucy. I kept putting off buying another pair of boots and snow pants, and by the time I went to get some, they were all out of stock for the season. 

So I decided to just make do with what we had and take them out anyway. As soon as Jane went down for a nap, I told them to hurry and get dressed so we could go out while it was still snowing. I tried to get Lucy to put on her snow pants, but she did NOT want anything to do with them. So I told her that I would take Norah out and they could trade off wearing the boots and pants, but that idea didn't please her either. 

She was SO sad that I made her stay inside. :(

So I told her to just put on her cowgirl boots and a coat. I couldn't bare those big teary eyes. 

Norah was beyond excited that I finally took them out. She started to roll a ball of snow in hopes that it would get big enough to become a snowman, but it wasn't sticking very well.

So she resorted to just throwing the snow instead. 

It was so fun to watch them playing together and laughing every time they threw snow.

A couple of times, Lucy dropped snow right down her boot and became paralyzed from the cold.

Lately, whenever we are getting in our car to go somewhere, Norah will grab a handful of snow (which is usually melty or icy by that point) and then try to eat it. I told her that it was actually okay to taste it this time since it was fresh. She ended up getting a big leaf in her handful, and I know it probably isn't really all that clean, but oh well. 

Norah kept crawling back and forth across the whole lawn. She loved that the snow pants could get in the snow without getting her wet. 

I think since Lucy didn't have the best gear on, she got bored and decided to pull out the wiggle car from the garage. 

Norah tried to play in the window beds that are filled with dirt, so I told her to get down. She wanted to clean herself off, so she rolled all in the snow and then stood up to shake it off. It was the cutest little jump/hip swivel move I ever did see.

She ended her fun by making a snow angel and then immediately began whining that her hands were freezing cold. 

They were both ecstatic when I told them that they could have some hot cocoa to warm up. 

I love these girls and I'm glad we could spend some fun in the snow today. Now that we've had the experience, can it just melt and be Spring already??

Sunday, February 19, 2017


The other night, Ryan and I were trying to remember the last time we had bathed the girls (minus Jane since she still gets a bath like 2-3 times a day due to her messy eating habits), and trying to decide if we really wanted to bathe them that night or not. Neither of us was feeling ecstatic about bathing them, so I told the girls that we could take one the next morning. I even through out the idea of doing paints and shaving cream in the tub to ease their disappointment at not getting a bath right then.

And since Norah has a mind like an elephant, she remembered the second her eyes flew open the next morning. So after breakfast, I hauled a sticky Jane from her high chair into the bathroom to hang out in the tub for a minute while I pulled out the paint and shaving cream. Literally 30 seconds later, I came back in the bathroom and found Jane trying to pick up the poop that she had just expelled moments before. But it was a fairly quick clean up, and we got ready for the activity. I began filling the tub, and Norah and Lucy immediately began peeling off their clothes as if it was a competition. 

It wasn't until a few minutes in when I realized that Norah still had her underwear on! haha I guess she was a bit too hasty in her excitement and forgot to take them off. We both thought that was pretty funny.

Then, after the water became all foggy from the shaving cream, Norah showed me her little teacup with what looked like another poop pebble. I told her to wait for a second so I could toss it in the toilet, but upon hearing that it was most likely poop and not wanting anything to do with it, she did the most logical thing she could think of and dumped it straight back into the foggy water. After a few seconds of searching, I gave up and emptied the whole tub only to find another big treasure waiting at the bottom. sigh. 

Not wanting to end the fun so soon, I filled it back up again and pulled out the second can of shaving cream. Everyone was having fun again and I was testing out my new flash for my camera. 

But then Lucy ended it when she announced she too had pooped in the tub. siiiiigh. So down the water went once more. Of course, when it was empty, there was nothing there and Lucy explained that she was just being stinky and didn't actually poop after all. 

By this time, however, I was feeling not only tired, but guilty for filling and refilling the tub 2 times now. So I made sure to use lots of extra soap and scrub them a bit more meticulously than normal since, you know, we don't know when their next bath will be. ;)

PS. Ryan was tired of us all always stealing his towel to dry our feet (ha!), so he bought this bath mat and it has been a big hit. The girls like to just lay on it, so after their bath, they both cozied up and Lucy started scream-singing Article of Faith number 10 haha. I tried to record it, but by the time I pulled out my phone, they were finished.