Friday, January 20, 2017

Kicking off 2017

I've said before how Winter has been so hard the past few years, and this year the blues seemed to come earlier than usual. Poor Ryan was probably so tired of watching me mope around, but he was a good sport and tried to keep my spirits up. As soon as the new year rolled around, the gloom seemed to settle in deeper, and I kept fantasizing about living in Arizona where it's warm all year. 

Ryan finally kicked me right in the fanny and proposed this be our "carpe diem" year. As cliché as it is, we've pulled out that phrase many times already to motivate ourselves to meet our goals. It's mostly Ryan motivating me, but I'm proud to say I've been sticking to a couple of personal goals and it's been so helpful! It's also been nice to slow down a bit and just enjoy being at home. 

Norah and Lucy both LOVE wearing lipstick. This was leftover from Norah's princess party. 

They like to apply it and immediately kiss the wall closest to them. 

I've had the girls dress themselves for preschool every day, and it not only saves me time, but I love seeing the combinations they come up with! Usually it works out pretty nicely, but something they have the funniest matches. 

My mom occasionally gives us books from her preschool that she doesn't use anymore, so when we got this big long book, Norah was excited to read it. It's about an elephant that throws a big birthday party for himself and makes a grand feast for all his guests. After playing 20 pages worth of games, all the animals finally arrive at the banquet hall to eat their feast, except to their great surprise, someone has stolen all the food. Everyone blames each other and they try to figure out who the culprit is...

We read the entire book, only to find that the very last page had been ripped out! Norah was aghast and I felt so incomplete knowing that we never resolve the great mystery. Nevertheless, she still has me read it to her. 

Jane is as sweet as can be and is a total daddy's girl. Sometimes she will cry if I try and take her from Ryan. She is either in jammies or naked 99% of the time. She loves making a mess when eating, so she's constantly getting bathed, which she loves. I'll probably have to do an individual update on her soon since it's been a while since my last one and she's grown so much!

I'm so glad that the girls go to preschool and get a chance to play out in the snow while they are there, because I haven't taken them out a single time. I kept meaning to buy some snow boots for Norah since she can't fit in hers from last year anymore, so maybe I'll get around to it soon and we can build a snowman or something. In the meantime, we love watching the snowflakes fall from indoors. 

It's been exhausting trying to find balance in life, but these girls make me want to be better.

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