Thursday, January 26, 2017

Bean Museum Field Trip

Yesterday was the preschool field trip to the Bean Museum on BYU campus! I dressed the girls in matching bright red shirts so they would be easy to spot, but it turned out to be pretty empty, which was nice. 

{Try to keep shoes and socks on these girls, I dare you}

We met up with the other preschool moms and teachers and watched while most of the kids just played around on the little slide and play area. One of the mom's reminded me how last year I spent the majority of the time chasing Lucy around while little baby Jane slept in the stroller and Norah climbed all over the exhibit railings. 

We spent so much time at the play area that we didn't even have time to look around at all of the animals before the presentation was supposed to start. 

We all went into a back room with one of the employees for a little show! The guy in charge was great with all of the kids and it was so fun to watch them.

He chose some kids to come up and open a drawer for different clues about the animals he was going to show them.

He pulled out a cute little turtle for all of the kids to look at. His little legs were wiggling the entire time and I wanted to just take him home to live with me!

Jane wasn't as interested in the animals as she was in the banana that Grandma Brand pulled out.

The presenter pulled out a giant beetle of some sort and told us that it can survive without it's head for 60 days before dying! bleh! 

The kids were pretty disgusted/intrigued with it haha.

Lucy was interested for a few minutes, but then thought it would be more fun to run around the room and climb on the chairs. I guess not much has changed since last year after all. ;)

The kids were all supposed to close their eyes while the last animal was being pulled out.

You can see Norah's little open-mouthed face in the corner, watching incredulously as he handles the snake!

All the kids got to give the turtle a little pat as they were leaving the room, and Lucy made sure to whisper sweet nothings to him before heading out.

I remembered the crazy ice cream emergency that happened last year after the field trip, so I decided to walk to the creamery with the rest of the school to get cones for the girls. There weren't any tables for sitting so everyone just stood around the store with their ice creams and yakked. Jane was offended that we didn't get her any, so I stole Lucy's cone and let her chomp on that.

The girls had such fun and it makes me want to go back another time so we can actually spend time looking around at all of the animals. 

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