Sunday, December 17, 2017

Kids Christmas Party!

We were invited to a Christmas party at some of our favorite friends' house last week! So We got fancy with some pig tail braids for the older girls and a pony for Jane. It was Lucy's first time with braids and something about it just made me love her all over again! 😍

We arrived and began decorating cookies! 

The little kids had their own table. Most of Jane's frosting went straight to her mouth without making it even close to her cookie. haha

By the end of their decorating session there were little edible beads all over the floor.

I helped Jane out a little by adding some frosting to her cookie for her. :)

A little tongue action always helps with focus. And her braids again! 😍😍

All the cute kiddos! 

Megan, who was hosting, planned so many fun activities! They did pin the nose on the reindeer and the kids loved it! Norah still talks about when we did "kiss the frog" on her birthday last year, so she loved being blindfolded and doing something similar!

Jane wanted to play, but wasn't too sure about the blindfold. So she ran up and put the nose on without one. It wasn't exactly where it was supposed to be, but she was proud anyway. 😁

On round two, Jane got a little more courage and tried out the blindfold. 

The kids did some freeze dancing to Christmas music! haha they were so cute! 

We then had the kids take turns wrapping each other up like presents! 

Sophie and Norah!

Evelyn and Millie looking especially cute as presents. :)

Thanks for having us over, Megan! It was so fun and it makes me want to do more fun holiday activities with my kids! 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Taylor's Farewell

Over Labor Day weekend Taylor opened his mission call and announced he would be serving in the Chile, Santiago South mission and reports January 10th! He went through the temple for the first time on Friday and had his farewell on Sunday! My mom said that this tie he is putting on here is one that has been passed on several times within his group of friends. They each wear it for their farewell talk and homecoming talk and pass it to whoever speaks next. I thought that was such a fun little tradition!

He said he was really nervous for his talk, but he did such a great job and didn't seem nervous at all! He talked about why he was obedient and I loved how he said that we need to make the decision far before any temptation comes your way. He made the decision at a young age that he would never try tea, coffee, tobacco, or alcohol. And so as he got older and was in a situation where it may have been offered, he didn't have to make the decision then because it was already decided beforehand. Anyway, I thought that was sweet and I loved hearing him speak. 
It always amazes me at how many friends Taylor has! 

We zoomed over to my parents' house for some waffles and chit chat. 
Lucy was obviously loving the waffles. πŸ˜‹

Chitty chatting with some of my favorite gals!

I noticed Ryan was standing under the mistletoe, so I snuck up on him and really surprised him. He was a little suspicious as I scooted over to him though. 

I'm so proud of little Petey and love being his older sister! He will teach with such grace and I can't wait to hear about his experiences in Chile!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Polar Express

We were lucky this year to get tickets to the stringtown polar express. They took a break last year, which I was super sad about, so I made sure to register early this time around. They turn away a lot of people every year, so I was really happy when we got a spot. The only time they had available for us was 8pm, so the girls were pretty excited about staying up past their bedtime. 

We all bundled up and hopped on the little train to make our way to Santa's workshop. 

Janel and the girls

I sat in front of Ryan and Jane and her face was so sweet the whole time. She loved seeing all the lights. 

We waited in line to sit with Santa.

The girls look a little less than excited about seeing Santa haha. I was secretly hoping one of them would cry because I always think it's funny, but they all just sat there completely emotionless. 😢 

Santa was a good sport about having all three of them on his lap. And although he didn't ask what they wanted for Christmas, Lucy told him anyway that she was expecting an Anna doll (this Frozen obsession is driving me bonkersπŸ™„--a post for another day).

They all got bells and candy canes (the highlight for them!)

The workshop was decorated so beautifully. I'm impressed every time with the work that goes into making this wonderful tradition!

Santa talked to everyone about the true meaning of Christmas and to listen to the pretty music on the ride back to the station and to pay attention to the feelings of the night.

They played Christmas hymns and primary songs about Jesus as we drove past all of the beautiful paintings of Christ's life. 

I love this tradition and how it helps us focus on Christ during this season!

Baking Memories

Last week I was reading about holiday traditions and how this family has the tradition of baking or frosting cookies every single day in the month of December! I loved the idea so much that I wanted to do it too. So after naps one day I pulled out all our sugar cookie ingredients and put the girls to work. 

I knew it would turn into a mess, but didn't realize just how crazy it would get...and how quickly it would escalate. These girls sure know how to destroy a room. πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚

They all took turns stirring the flour mixture together and then spent the rest of the time spreading powdered sugar all over the counter...and taste testing it.

Finger-licking good! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹

They were covered nearly head to toe. Lucy insisted on taking off her apron and then she really was covered head to toe. 

I realized we were supposed to cool the dough in the fridge for a couple of hours before actually baking it. sigh. So I put it in the fridge and turned around to witness the girls sweeping all the powdered sugar off the counter and into the air as fast as they could. The entire kitchen was covered and my enthusiasm for the tradition dropped drastically. I banned the girls to the bathtub and spent 45 minutes cleaning up the mess which took them less than 5 minutes to make. 

We were able to finish the cookies and deliver some to a family in our ward who helped clean up Lucy's mess in sacrament meeting after she threw up all over my lap haha. 
I still love the idea of baking cookies together all month, but maybe I'll be doing the baking, and they can help with the decorating. Perhaps it'll be a little cleaner...though I'm sure my girls will figure out a way to make it otherwise.