Monday, October 16, 2017

Norah & Lucy's Artwork

Although I hate to admit it, I've thrown away lots and lots of artwork done by the girls. Norah is constantly drawing something and hanging it up on the fridge herself, so it gets cluttered really quickly. I was feeling really bad about throwing this pile away, so I decided to document their work on a monthly basis. 

I've been really happy about what the girls have been bringing back from preschool. It shows that their teacher is involved and coming up with fun and interactive activities for them. 

Norah loves drawing on any kind of paper we can find around. I've kept this little sunflower on the fridge for a long time. I love how she puts faces on everything. Lucy likes drawing too, but mostly only when Norah is working on it herself. 

This little monster just cracks me up with all the legs around it's body.

This is probably my favorite drawing she's ever done. It looks so Dr. Seuss to me with it's big eyes and big grin and lumpy body. :)

Friday, October 13, 2017

Saturday Night Crowds

Last Saturday, I had a scheduled family photo shoot in Salt Lake, so I begged Ryan to come up with me and hang out with the girls while I took pictures and then we could make a night of it. 
So I had my session and then met up with them at Temple Square, which they'd been walking around for the hour. 

Everyone was getting hungry, so we started to debate which restaurant to go to. Then the fun began. 

We quickly realized that there was a football game at the university, so everything was really packed in Salt Lake. But the restaurant Ryan really wanted to try had another building in Cottonwood Heights, so we started heading that way while I called to see the wait time. 45 minutes. um no. 

So the arguing began again about what restaurant to try. We finally narrowed it down to a new pizza place and a Thai place we used to go to all the time when we lived in Sandy. The Thai place won just as we were screeching off the freeway exit. 

As soon as we walked in the Thai restaurant, we should have turned right back around. But we stayed and ordered....and waited 45 minutes...and then left again when people who were there far before us still didn't have their food. 

By this point it was past the girls' bed times and we were getting sorely hungry. The food debate began once again and we were getting so desperate that McDonalds was thrown out as an option. haha 
So we pulled off at another fast pizza place, but after standing in line for 5 minutes and seeing how slow it was going, we fumbled back to the car for one more round of food finding. 

We pulled up to Jimmy Johns and felt a little annoyed that a car had pulled in right before us. But as soon as we finished ordering, we looked up and the car had already paid, received their sandwiches, and pulled away. haha
Our sandwiches were out in less than 2 minutes, which went directly into my mouth. 🤤 hee!

We vowed to never go out for dinner on a Saturday night again.  

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Bahama Bucks

Last Friday, Ryan worked late and then had plans to watch the BYU football game at a coworker's house, so I decided to make the most of it and take the girls out to enjoy the mountains. 

We had plans to meet up with Brooklyn at Bahama Bucks for a treat before going up the canyon. They had games for people to play while waiting for their snow cones, and the girls took the liberty of flinging these matching cards all over the table. ;)

These were seriously the best snow cones I have ever tasted! And cute to boot with that tiny little umbrella! ;)

Jane and Lucy asked for pink snow cones and couldn't stop shoveling it down.

Poor Jane kept getting brain freezes though and wouldn't listen about taking smaller bites. She would suddenly break out into a cry after swallowing a big mouthful. 😢

And then once I started offering small bites from my own snow cone, Jane insisted on eating most of the rest of mine. Then Lucy joined in. Then Norah. But I cut them off once we hit the ice cream at the bottom 😉

It was such a cute little place and one that we will probably visit again!

I was planning on going up the canyon right after this, but then we sort of took over Brooklyn's evening and bombarded her apartment instead. Matt made us a delicious mexican casserole dinner while we watched a movie. I think the girls probably preferred hanging out with Brooklyn and Matt over going up the canyon anyway so it was a win! 

We're Going on a Witch Hunt!

Last week my friend, Heather, invited us to go on a playdate at Gardner Village in Sandy, put on by two ladies (@slcmoms and @wander_and_scout) on instagram who post about fun things to do around the area. 
Since Heather's oldest daughter was at school for the day, we were able to squeeze all the rest of the carseats in my van and head up together. 

They had raffle prizes and a chance to meet other moms (getting a little out of my comfort zone 😬)!
Gardner village has a witch hunt every year, so we took our scavenger hunt paper and set out to find all the witches on our sheet. I've never been to Gardner Village before, but it was so cute and we'll definitely have to come to some of their other events. 

The girls especially loved the witch in the outhouse. 🙄

Just as we finished checking off the last witch and turned back toward the start to claim some cookies as our prize, I turned around and realized Lucy wasn't with us. we had only walked about 40 feet, from our last stop, but after walking around for a minute I still couldn't find her. So Heather took her two kids and Jane and walked around while Norah and I went the other way. I described what she was wearing to a worker, when he pointed at a mom walking with a girl who matched the description. She was walking with this mom who said she saw her looking a little lost. Lucy ran up and hugged me and I was so glad it was just a short little scare. We talked a little about staying where you are and/or asking a mom to help you. We claimed our cookies then zoomed out of there before any other incidents and got home just in time for naps! 

Monday, October 9, 2017

General Conference Weekend

This is the first General Conference where all three girls were awake during conference. When the girls were little and would take 2 naps, we would line them up during the sessions so we could watch the entire thing without any disruptions. So before this broadcast, I went to the dollar store to get some quiet activities for the girls to do during the talks. 

I knew play doh would be a big hit, but it also had a lot of potential for a disaster of a mess.

But of course, activities weren't enough and so we broke out the snacks. Cheese sticks after cheese sticks after cheese sticks. 

Norah loved the coloring activity.

It was so hard to pay attention and get very much out of the talks because every time I got a minute to sit and watch, someone needed another cheese stick, or help with opening a new play doh container. 

We kept turning up the volume to drown out the whining and yelling, so by the end of the session our TV was blasting through the house haha. 

Despite the chaos, I'm glad we all slowed down to listen to the speakers and hear the beautiful music and feel the spirit (between the screams haha). 

The girls love conference though, and hopefully it will be because of the speakers and not the treats. 😉

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Firestation Fieldtrip

Norah and Lucy's preschool had their first field trip yesterday to the highland fire station. I planned on driving, but lots of parents volunteered, so it turned out that we didn't have any other preschoolers in the car with us, which meant Norah was pretty disappointed. 

We waited in the lobby for a minute while the other moms were on their way. But there were so many cool gadgets and decorations that were far too tempting for the girls. I was nervous they were going to break these cute little fire engine toys, and Lucy was not happy I was raining on her parade. She threw a giant tantrum and ended up going outside and running away from me. sigh. And when I went outside to get her, Jane lost it too and became hysterical and the thought of me leaving her. I finally got them both to calm down, and once I gave a stick of gum to Lucy, she seemed fine. haha

The firefighter took us out to the garage to see the trucks, and he talked about fire safety with all the kids. 

One little guy got all dressed up in his gear.

Jane was a little maniac nearly the whole time. haha She kept asking for pouches, and then asking to be held, and then getting mad about being held, etc. 

All the kids with their teacher and the firefighters. I love that their teacher gave us little t-shirts for each field trip.

The girls said they were cold, so I let them double up in my sweater. Now that it's fully stretched out, it'll be perfect. ;) Oh well, I never liked this sweater anyway haha

We finished with some complimentary hats from the station and zoomed out of there before we caused any more destruction.

Thanksgiving Point

I've been wanting to get a pass to Thanksgiving Point for a long time. But with three little girls, it seemed that someone was always napping, or sick, or something. So I held off for a long time, waiting for everyone to be on the one-nap-a-day schedule. Jane has been taking one nap for a few months, so we finally bought a pass and went last week! I took the girls on their off day from school, and we started at the gardens. I told them about taking our bridal photos here before we got married, and they liked that idea. We were the only ones there for a while, so we had free reign over the whole place. 

The girls liked playing tag on the stage near the waterfall. 

I brought my camera, hoping I could take a few photos of the girls enjoying nature, but they didn't even want to indulge me with smelling the flowers on our way. I had to be quick about snapping photos, but also without them noticing. Most of my photos ended up just of their backs as they walked away from me. haha

Norah was very disappointed when I told her she really had to stop picking the flowers. I said she should leave them on the ground, so no one would see her with them as we walked out. Utter disappointment. But then she just tucked them in her pocket to hide them from anyone and planned to put them in a jar of water once we got home. haha oh well.

It was beautiful! We're going to try and soak as much in as we can before they close for the winter. 

We then went to the curiosity museum, and the girls were SO excited. It was so cute watching Norah and Lucy hold hands and hesitantly walk around deciding what they wanted to do first. 

They put on a little play for me and Jane as butterflies and fairies. 

They were all really good, and it was nice to get out of the house for a change. I'm excited to be able to go with them on a regular basis!