Monday, December 5, 2016

Princess Party

In case you didn't already know, Norah is princess obsessed. So it wasn't a big surprise when she wanted a princess birthday party. 

I had some cute ideas I wanted to put together, but the couple of weeks leading up to her party, I wasn't motivated at all. It wasn't until the day before that I finally got my fanny going...and then I was kicking myself because I was starting to enjoy it, but running out of time. 

I resolved to get in bed early so I could wake up early and finish the cake, but then Norah woke up in the middle of the night from throwing up. I thought I would have to call everyone and cancel, but since this is a very common thing for her to do after eating too many sweets, or too much in general, we decided it was safe and just one of her regular episodes.
I got started late since I was so tired, so I was nervous about getting everything finished in time. Norah was so excited when she saw princess cake. She really wanted to help, but my hands were shaking enough on their own, so we compromised by having her help with the sprinkles.

We had cucumber sandwiches, which Norah complained about at first, but then, not only did she eat them at the party, but today she asked me to make them for her as a snack.

I got most of the decorations at the dollar store, so it was a win win!

I really wanted to make a barbie cake for my niece's birthday a few years ago, but then I was sick and never got a chance to do it. So I was excited to try one for Norah. It was so fun and surprisingly simple! The bodice wasn't very smooth, but it was cute and the girls loved it. Sculpting is not my forte, but I had leftover green fondant from Jane's party, so I decided to mold a little Pascal! haha

We began by eating the finger foods and oohing and awing over each other's princess attire. 

The girls found the little party favor boxes with crowns and lipstick on the table, so we decided to decorate the princess crowns as our first activity.

I had the disney princess pandora station going and so every time a song came on that everyone knew, they liked to sing or guess which movie it was from. 

The stickers were so great and easy! 

The cutest little princesses! We had a Belle show up later. I was surprised that we didn't have 10 Frozen characters, and was very relieved when only one showed up. ;)

I had a lot of extra cake batter so I decided to make them into cupcakes for the girls to decorate--which meant we ended up eating way too much cake all around. 

I didn't plan out the order of activities, and so we jumped into cupcake decorating next, but if I were to redo it, this one would definitely be the last activity haha. So many crumbs!

Lucy wanted to just dive in and eat the cupcake, not even bothering to frost it, and was quickly reprimanded by Norah for not following the rules. 

But she got frosting in the end.

Norah was insistent on having her very own cup of pink frosting. Good thing it was her birthday. ;)

Sweet Ella and her fancy cupcake!

I really didn't think through each activity because it felt like we were running back and forth from the living room to the kitchen. We did bracelets next and I'm so glad I decided to use pipe cleaners, because it was so easy for all the girls to thread their beads on.

Lucy could even do it, though she wasn't quite as interested in it as the other girls. 

Megan stayed and helped a ton herd the girls and keep everything under control since Ryan was feeling sick and taking a nap. I think it wouldn't have been utter chaos without her there.

Our next activity was kiss the frog! We gathered their lipsticks....which were scattered all over at this point and painted their lips bright pink to prepare for the kiss. 

Norah wouldn't keep the blindfold on and kept peeking to be sure to get the kiss right on the lips. ;)

I LOVE this photo of Ella kissing and Lula going berserk in the background! 

Everyone was always so impressed when the kiss landed right on the lips (without peeking).

Lucy liked kissing it over and over again. The frog was completely covered with kiss marks by the end. 

Here is Norah's face when I asked her if she was ready to open gifts. 

She got a darling princess stamp set from Sophie!

A cute little princess figurine and Belle barbie doll from Evelyn and Bailey.

Hugs for all of her friends! Though I needed to prompt her each time. She didn't give huge reactions after opening each present, but she has loved playing with all of them the past few days and is excited to have so many princess toys.

She got puzzles, stickers, coloring activities, and games!

It was finally time to sing Happy Birthday and cut the Rapunzel cake. The girls crowded around and couldn't keep their fingers away!

I cut slices for everyone and was still left with a ton of cake. Too much cake.

I had plans to dress up as Snow White using the costume my mom let me borrow for Preschool Halloween a few years ago, but I suppose during their move this year it got lost and so I had to forego that plan. :(

Esme came a little later with Libby and also stayed to help with the activities and cleanup. I'm so glad that Norah has so many good friends and I hope everyone sticks around Utah County so they can all grow up together!

It was a fun little party, and I think Norah and Lucy had a great time. I, on the other hand, am exhausted and glad that we won't be having another birthday party until June. I was sad that I wasn't as into this party as I have been for others, but I'm sure a nice long break will cure that. ;)

Norah believes it's still her birthday and tells everyone she can that she is four years old. I'm glad it has been a fun week for her and she has already told me she is "SO excited for her next birthday!"

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