Saturday, December 17, 2016


Happy Anniversary to Ryan and me! 

I was reading a book to the girls a few months ago and decided I wanted to use it as a reference to create a little poem for Ryan for our anniversary. The book is called That's What A Friend Is and it is a favorite around our house.

So without further adieu, here is my little book for Ryan, complete with illustrations. ;)

That's What A Husband Is

A husband's a friend who'll always be there
When you've got some big news you just have to share. 

A husband's devoted and will sit up all night 
to make you feel better when you've had a small fight

And when you're feeling all gloomy from the wet rainy day,
a husband's a pal who'll skip work to play.

Husband's are perfect for all kinds of things, 
like kissing...or listening...or just anything.

And for watching TV, a husband's the best! 
For binging on Netflix and buying the rest. 

And then late at night a husband's just right 
for snuggling up close when you've turned off the light.

Yes, a husband's the best one to sleep, walk, or run with...
for playing some cards, or just having fun with.

You can sing and shout 'till your tonsils wear out, 
'cause that's what having a hubby's all about.

A husband is loyal and'll come to your aid 
when he thinks you need help, or you might be afraid. 

A husband's a partner who'll stand back to back 
to protect you from nightmares or a spider attack.

With a husband you can do what you most like to do! You can share all your hobbies...

and take up all the spaces...

Or spend the whole day having Mario kart races...

Or just staring at each other's faces. 

You can laugh...

You can cry...

You can watch life go by...

You can have a great time and not even try.

A husband's a person who is always there...

We sure make a wonderful pair. 
And when all's said and done, the natural end is... 

A husband's a friend, THAT's what a husband is.

It's been five short/long years and I'm so grateful to have Ryan by my side through all the happys and sads we've experienced throughout our marriage.
He sticks with me through all my crazy and I'm one lucky girl to have such a great friend to call my husband.
Happy Anniversary, Ryan! <3


  1. Lolololol the spider drawing 😂😂😂Omgeee this is so adorable! What a cute Idea Hanny!! :):):)

  2. Major awesomeness Hannah! So glad you and Ryan have each other. ❤❤❤