Monday, December 19, 2016

December Preschool Field Trip

Lucy started preschool at the beginning on December, which was a good time to start since it's been such a fun month with Christmas activities. Every year, the preschool visits the grandmas and grandpas at The Charleston assisted living center to sing carols, do activities, and hand out christmas cards they've colored. 

I had someone come to our house to stay with Jane while she napped so I could go with the girls and watch them. We got there a bit late, but just in time for them to lay on the ground and have my mom sing and drop "snowflakes" on them.

Afterwards, they got to collect the snow and have a little snowball fight. The grandmas and grandpas watching thought it was so fun!

The kids all took some paper plates and skated around the room to some traditional ice skating music. Norah was glued to my side and didn't want to skate.

Then everyone partnered up for some horse rides using scarves.

The girls were adamant about me doing it with them, but then lost interest altogether for a couple minutes.

I finally convinced them to do it together, so Norah drove Lucy all around the room...

...then out the door!

They didn't even look back to see if I was watching, but luckily for me, I didn't end up having to chase them down because they drove all the way back on their own.

I was a little sad that both girls hadn't wanted to sing any of the songs up until this point, despite having practiced in the car on the way there. But then when everyone started the main song, Norah jumped right in and I was so happy!

She didn't do the actions, but she knew all the words and sang the whole time. Lucy is usually a huge singer, but I think she was just interested in looking around. She did a few actions, so I guess she made up for Norah. ;)

We handed out cards to everyone watching the program.

Then we ended by singing a few Christmas hymns before heading back to the preschool for the rest of the school day.

They were so fun to watch and I'm glad I got to be there and not have to worry about Jane so I could really enjoy it.

Norah's best preschool friend! They seem to do everything together and they were so cute holding hands and hugging.

I love how Norah and Gwen let Lucy take part in their games. 

We headed back to preschool to decorate gingerbread cookies and I wanted to get a picture of them in their cute Christmas outfits, but this was the best I could do. 

Lucy was feeling especially grumpy, so I tried to cheer her up some before sending her in.

She's my sweet girl and I love that she loves going to preschool! Now that this is my mom's final year of teaching, I suppose we'll just have to visit The Charleston on our own next year to keep the tradition going. :)

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