Monday, November 21, 2016

Wild About Turning Uno!

I'm psycho and have been wanting to do an Uno party for Jane basically since she was born. But when it came down to planning, I procrastinated for a long time. I wanted it to be simple, as long as I got some cute pictures of her first. ;)

I just printed out this Uno logo and ironed it on her shirt using transfer paper, and voila! I was done. 

Of course, I couldn't resist doing shirts for Norah and Lucy as well. 

My wild children.

I have been so busy the past couple months with my photography business and just the every day hustle and bustle of raising three kids, that I resolved to keep the party really low key. I sent Ryan to the store for chips and salsa...and he came home with way more than what was on his list. Costco will get you every time.

 I was just planning on using the uno cards on string that I had used for the photoshoot as the party decorations, but I had forgotten them outside during a huge wind/snow storm and they got completely ruined. So we just taped cards straight on our ugly wall and called it good. 

As far as the cake, I was just planning on doing an easy square cake that would come together really fast. But then the day before, I was about to head to the store for some ingredients when I looked up a couple of ideas...probably a mistake, because it changed my mind and I decided to change my cake plan and make something a little more fun. 
A friend asked me to help her decorate two of her cakes while I was doing mine, so we made a party out of it. Though I ended up going to bed way later than I was hoping, I was happy with how it turned out. 

So the morning of the party, I was so tired and cranky. and feeling behind on everything in life. But we managed to throw everything together before guests arrived and Jane looked as cute as can be. 
As soon as people got there, I stopped worrying and just tried to have fun. It was nice to mingle and have a little break from all the responsibilities. I didn't even try to keep an eye on how much sugar Norah and Lucy kept sneaking haha 

We sang Happy Birthday and let Jane Ryan blow out the candle. ;)

I haven't really given Jane many sweets except a couple of suckers, so this was really her first experience eating something really sugary. I think it was safe to say that she enjoyed it.

The cutest messy face ever!

We let her take a bath in the sink so she didn't have to leave her party.
I don't think many other people could get away with doing that. ;)

We let Jane open a couple of gifts from grandparents and Lucy was determined to help her.

Lucy kept ripping things straight out of Jane's hands so she could inspect them herself.

Lucy wouldn't even let Jane have a turn, so we had her step away for a minute. And she wasn't very happy about it.

As soon as we let Lucy back down on the ground, she tried to sneak the toy back, all while checking to make sure the coast was clear. Her little tongue in her cheek is exactly what I used to do as a kid whenever I was lying.

Norah showing off Jane's cute new jammies.

We love our Jane and I'm so glad we got to celebrate her first year! We made it!

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