Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving was such a fun and relaxing day. Ryan took the baby monitors to the kitchen so I could sleep in, then we switched so he could take a nap. Norah and Lucy found their swimsuits and puddle jumpers in the closet and decided to go swimming in the living room. 

We read books and listened to Christmas music. After reading a few books to Norah, I asked if she wanted to help me make a strawberry pie for our Thanksgiving feast. As soon as I asked her, she gasped and said that she had to run and get her apron. She bounded in the next room to tell everyone, she was SO excited!

I let her cut the strawberries and let her learn how to use a real knife. She even asked me to take pictures of her, she was so proud!

It was so sweet to watch her use all the techniques I was explaining to her about using a sharp knife. She kept her fingers back and sawed back and forth so carefully.

We planned to get together with my family after nap time, which meant I had time to slap on some makeup and make some pumpkin pasta. 
We headed to my parents' house and everyone was immediately ordered to sit down and write a letter to Dallin on his mission in Brazil. Norah and Lucy colored pictures while the rest of us gabbed and munched on some appetizers. 

It was a low key dinner and a pretty small group, but it was so nice to be able to chat with everyone. Sometimes it's hard to get a chance to talk with every person when the whole family is together at once, though I really missed everyone who couldn't come. :(

Since we were already all together, I decided to make a dessert to celebrate Norah's birthday, even though it wasn't for two more days. She remembered how I made a strawberry pie for her birthday last year and always talked about it, so I made another one. When it came time to sing "happy birthday" to her, I forgot to bring candles, but found some in my mom's cupboard. It wasn't until Norah started fiercely blowing that I realized they were actually trick candles! It was so funny and everyone was laughing as she tried so hard over and over to blow them out.

We had to go home to put the girls to bed, so everyone migrated over to our house instead for some games and ice cream! We played one round of Super Smash bros (lol), which greatly confused my mom ("why do you guys think this is fun?"), then got out Telestrations. If you haven't played that game, get it now! We laughed so hard, my whole body was sore and my eyes were watering. 

It was the perfect day, and it makes me excited about Christmas coming up where we'll have even more family around.

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