Sunday, November 6, 2016

Pumpkin Patch Dolls

The other week, I decided to take the girls out for a fun activity before the weather takes a turn for the worse. So we loaded up and headed to a pumpkin patch down the street. 

Norah was absolutely delighted to pull Lucy and Jane around in the wagon.

She wanted to cross the entire field going as fast as she could, but kept running into pumpkins.

Oh Lucy, she loves to hug and squeeze little Jane...with all her might.

They were SO excited about this tractor train, even if it wasn't moving. They kept climbing in all the seats to see which one suited them best. 

No, they still aren't moving. haha

Lucy loved climbing all over the hay bales and carrying the pumpkins around.

We loved being outside, and Jane loved exploring everything within her reach.

As soon as we got to the pumpkin patch, it started drizzling rain and I thought we would have to just head back home, but it cleared up really fast and the weather was so nice! 

The girls filled up the wagon with pumpkins and then emptied it to refill it again. Lucy's sweet curly hair melts me.

We checked out the animals in the little pen, but the girls weren't too thrilled about being so close to the goats. There were little pigs  closed off, but every time we got close one of the workers would remind us to be careful since they bite haha.

I asked the girls if they would rather have a train ride or a pony ride and they both chose a pony ride, which I was excited about. 

As soon as the worker lifted Lucy onto the horse, Lucy started whining and saying she wanted to get down because she was scared. We convinced Norah to let Lucy ride the one with the pink saddle so she would be more excited. I knew that if she could ride for just a few seconds then she would start to like it, so I denied her requests to get down haha. 

Norah was so excited about being on the big horse. 

Sure enough, as soon as they started walking along, Lucy was giggling and they both loved it!

They were so cute riding along the perimeter of the field talking to the worker and bumping up and down in their saddles.

I kept asking if they were having fun and they just laughed and smiled. Jane didn't seem to mind bouncing along on my hip instead of on the horse.

As soon as we stopped, Norah tried to jump down on her own. And then they wanted to ride again.

We hung around the pumpkin patch a little while longer. I noticed a bunny from their petting pen had escaped and was hopping among the pumpkins. I asked a worker about it and she said that if we caught the bunny then we would get a free pumpkin! I didn't really care about getting a free pumpkin, but I wanted to try and catch it anyway. haha. So I told the girls to help me sneak up on it so quietly before it snuck away. After a few attempts we were able to corner it against the tent. So I picked it up and was immediately clawed all up my arm. And then when I returned the bunny I was told that I would get a dollar off a pumpkin (instead of the free one I was previously promised, though the worker didn't seem too sure when she told me, so I didn't even mention it). Suddenly it didn't seem worth the scratch. ;) After a little coaxing, and a couple of dum dum suckers from the nice owner, the girls and I headed back to the car.

I had really wanted to take the girls to two more places the following week, but the weather has been too cold for me to get motivated. I'm so glad we squeezed in this little activity, it was so fun and stress-free.

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