Wednesday, November 23, 2016

{pan}Cake Smash!

Today our Jane is ONE! She has been sick the past couple of weeks and extremely fussy all day every day, but this morning she seemed to be in high spirits so I think she is finally on the mend.

She has grown into such a sweetheart and we can see her little personality peeking out. She is usually a very calm and sweet baby. She has recently started snuggling me and it is the sweetest thing. 

Every night, when I rock her before laying her in bed, she rests on my shoulder and then pops her head up to laugh and poke my nose. It's like she knows that I love it so much that I won't want to lay her down. ;)

She spends most of her days wearing pajamas, and takes 2-4 baths every day after eating like a savage.

We are so blessed to have Jane and can hardly believe there was a time before she was with us.

I did this same idea with Norah and Lucy for their first year. I definitely could have done better at taking these at the same time each round to get even lighting, but it's just a miracle I remembered in the first place. She's grown so much and, as you can see, she couldn't even roll over in the one I took this morning for her 12 month shot. She was not amused.

I can hardly believe she was a teeny little 6lb 12oz baby at one point! Here is the link to her birth story. Read it, then take a nap. 

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