Thursday, November 24, 2016

Moccasins & Gobblers

I love any excuse to do a fun little photoshoot of the girls. Last year, I was hugely pregnant and then had a teeny new baby during Thanksgiving, so I don't even think I took a single picture to commemorate the occasion. So I thought I'd make up for it this year. I used this pattern and tutorial to whip up the tent with extra fabric I had laying around and not being used and it turned out so cute (though the tutorial says to get 6 poles, when it really only needs 5. hmm). It came together pretty darn fast and ended up only costing me $10 (less, if I hadn't bought the extra pole haha) and the girls were so excited when they saw it set up taking over our entire living room yesterday morning! win.

I put together their Indian dresses and headbands and just reused the Turkey outfit I had from our Thanksgiving shoot 2 years ago. I think it always helps them smile/be excited for photos when they have something fun to wear or do.

Norah and Lucy loved popping in and out of the tent. We were playing in there all together before bringing it outside and even Jane thought it was fun crawling in and out. So funny!

They were all troopers. It was really cold out and the grass was still damp from the night, but I didn't want to put off taking pictures since it was supposed to rain in the afternoon. None of them seemed to mind at all, and they were all barefoot!

She always tries to pull hats/headbands off when I put them on, so I have to be extra sneaky sneak when doing it. This hat was pretty obvious, but she thought it was funny and didn't try too hard to get it off. She's the sweetest baby turkey. 

Norah, pretending to keep a lookout for John Smith.

We broke off some sticks to use as arrows haha. They loved pretending to shoot.

Turkeys are friends, not food! 

I sure am grateful for these three beautiful babies. They bless our lives every day and I love being their mom. 

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