Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween Night

We have been looking forward to Halloween for months. I told Ryan in August that it was time to get serious about what we were going to be for Halloween haha. I really really wanted us all to be Zootopia characters and had everything figured out, but Ryan wasn't too gung-ho about it. So we finally agreed to go with the Cinderella crew. Norah was really the only one who was interested in the costume aspect, but didn't mind when we asked if she wanted to dress up as a an evil stepsister instead of Judy Hopps. 
So with a heavy heart, ;) I made plans to start on Cinderella costumes. The whole crew.

Lady Tremaine with her two awkward (but really cute) daughters, plus the beautiful Cinderella. 

Ryan's sister, Janel, was planning on visiting for Halloween, so we made sure to incorporate her as the Fairy Godmother. 

I only just now realized that we didn't take a picture of everyone together, but we were racing against the setting sun, so time was of the essence!

Cinderella and her Prince Charming. I don't know if it was the teething, or my scary makeup/hair that got Jane all worked up. Either way, she was most content while Ryan was holding her, which worked out fine. :)

Jane looked so darling in her dress and wig. Haha! I didn't really know how I was going to make her look like Cinderella without any hair, but then we found this adorable beanie on Etsy, and just couldn't resist.

Anastasia and Drizella!
Norah and Lucy's dresses were so cute with their poofy little bustles. 
We tried to get them to make mean or silly faces like in the movie, but Norah was just shy/embarrassed and Lucy just didn't want to.

Norah was excited to have her hair curled like Anastasia.

The girls always beg me for eyeshadow or any form of makeup and so when I told them they could wear eye shadow for Halloween, they were so excited. Lucy was a little too excited and had a hard time holding still haha. So now she just looks like she has a black eye. 

Besides my failed hair do, I was pretty happy with how my costume turned out overall. I caboodled my way through most of it and had a tiny meltdown when I couldn't find my seam ripper (it's never a good thing when your husband says, "You lost your seam ripper? That thing is a necessity to you." haha. The collar was the hardest part so I just made it up and called it good.

I based most everything off of clothes we already had, so now if I like something, I can try and recreate it...as long as I have my seam ripper on hand, that is. ;)

I always forget how much Ryan likes to be involved in things like this. When we were engaged and registering for our wedding, we literally spent 20 minutes trying to decide on a tablecloth for our future kitchen table. I don't remember if we even received the one we decided on, and I don't even think we used it (apparently table cloths are way more of a hassle than just wiping down the actual table), but I do remember how much Ryan wanted to be a part of the process. Anyway, the point is that he wanted to help with his costume and would text me ideas every now and then about how to make it awesome. He turned out looking pretty handsome. :)

I was so busy this month with so many other things that I found myself staying up until 1am the night before Halloween trying to finish up the last details. face palm. So it wasn't quite as stress free as last year, but it was fun and I learned a lot, as I had never sewn adult clothes before on my own.

The girls looked adorable, which is what really matters, right? Oh, and they had fun too. ;)

We headed to a neighborhood down the street from us like we did last year and headed with our trick or treat bags waiting to be filled. We started out later than we had initially planned, but the girls had fun and we got plenty of candy. 

We kept reminding the girls to say trick or treat when someone answers the door, but they would usually stand there, staring, and then pulled the bowl down so they could grab a piece of candy themselves haha. 

Norah loved showing us each piece of candy that she got and loved running up to the doors to knock once or twice if they didn't immediately open up.

We went to about 20 houses before heading home for bedtime. It was a fun night and I'm glad the girls had fun and mostly remembered to say "Thank you" "Happy Halloween" at every house. 


  1. I LOVE these pictures! You're creating great memories for your sweet girls! Love you!

  2. Hannah, you are the cutest! I am just dying over every one of these pictures! So so adorable! I love all your inspiring posts. Keep them coming!