Thursday, November 10, 2016

Feed The Birds

As soon as the weather started to warm up again this week, I loaded up the girls and zoomed over to the park for some pictures/feeding the ducks. 

I almost forgot the bread until Norah reminded me before driving away. I'm so glad I brought some because the girls loved it...and so did the ducks.

Those ducks weren't being shy at all. They waddled right up to us and waited to be fed. Norah's face cracks me up. It shows exactly how she acts around animals. She loves them from a distance.

Jane kept squealing and bouncing on my hip to be put down and closer to the ducks, so I let her scoot around until I got too nervous about the ducks possibly pecking at her.

Norah took it upon herself to be in charge of the bread bag. She broke off little pieces and made sure all the ducks got a fair amount. I was surprised how calm she was when they were all flocking around her. She never ran away from them! She kept talking to them and saying things like, "Calm down! There's enough for everyone" and "My goodness, you are hungry!" It was the sweetest thing.

She didn't want to waste a single crumb, so she dumb the rest of it on the sidewalk...since, you know, probably no one else ever comes to feed the ducks. ;)

I tried to convince them to let me take a picture of them. This is how it always goes: I have about 10 seconds to put them in place, scoot my fanny back, holler and wave to get their attention, and snap a photo before they bound away. 

I told Norah to pretend to laugh here. She was pretty good at it. :)
Norah is going to be turning four in a couple of weeks. It didn't take much to get used to ages 1-3, but suddenly I feel like she's a little lady and her babyhood passed by too quickly. Recently I've been missing baby Norah much more than usual (no, it doesn't have anything to do with her threenager meltdowns ;)), but I love the age she is at now. She dances by swinging her hips and loves everything girly and fancy. She remembers things SO well. I know probably lots of parents say that their child has a good memory, but I am constantly blown away by things she will bring up without any prompting that happened months and months ago, even up to a year ago. She is good at remembering people and their names and likes to point out letters that are also in her name. She is so patient and is quick to forgive me with a kiss. I love that she is the first to wake in the morning and usually comes in bed with me and kisses me to wake up. She is such a great big sister and loves to be my helper. 

Lucy just cracks me up. She is tall and fits in most of Norah's clothes, which makes rotating clothes very nice and easy for me (not that I've done it the last 9 months). She is a determined girl and knows what she wearing princess underwear and convincing her mom to start potty training way earlier than she anticipated. That's another story.
Lucy LOVES to sing. Before putting everyone down for bed, we always sing a few lullabies, but lately Lucy will shush us so she can sing a solo. haha! She will keep shushing until you stop and then continue herself. We often hear her belting out a song in her room after we've put her to bed. It's funny that Lucy isn't embarrassed about it when normally Norah doesn't like singing alone in front of anyone. 
I don't know what changed, but Lucy doesn't mind being dropped off at church nursery anymore. She will still sometimes ask if we can stay and play with her, but lately she'll just ask for a kiss and then say goodbye. It's so sweet, and so nice!

Jane is such a ray of sunshine. She bounces when she's happy and flings her arms around. She likes to stand up and can balance for several seconds before sitting again. She has started doing little headstands and looking back under her legs, it makes me laugh every time. I give her a bath 3-4 times a day! That's right. She gets so messy when she eats and it's just way easier to throw her in the tub than try and wipe everything up. We love listening to her baby talk which sounds like she is speaking Parseltongue haha.
Jane puts up with a lot from her older sisters, but loves to try and keep up with them. She loves wrestling and flopping on top of our giant stuffed dog, and will even wrestle with Lucy if it doesn't get too rough.  

I wanted to see if I could get one more decent photo of the three of them. But when they sit like this, Lucy always puts her arms around Norah and Jane's necks and pulls them in so tight until one of them starts to cry...Jane. 

And then poor Norah was devastated because she accidentally dropped her chain necklace into the lake. But to be honest, I am pretty glad it won't be around anymore. ;) 

It was a beautiful day and I'm glad we got to get out and enjoy it together.

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