Thursday, November 10, 2016

And The Leaves Came Tumbling Down

Raking leaves always sounds like such a romantic Fall activity...that is until you have a huge lawn full of leaves, zero garbage space, and three toddlers in tow. 

I had to borrow a rake from a neighbor and began making a pile when I realized I had no idea how I was going to manage all the leaves that had fallen from our extra large tree in the front yard. Our garbage was already filled the the brim, so I pulled out all our trash bags and started to fill them by the handfuls. 

Norah and Lucy liked raking and jumping in the pile for about 5 minutes, and then they took to throwing dirt all over the sidewalk instead. Lucy wanted to help put leaves in the bags with me, but each time she put a handful in, she would flail her arms around, undoing all her work plus some. 

Norah's little head poking out of the giant pile just kills me.

All three girls climbed all over the porch and I was just glad that Lucy is getting old enough to understand not to go near the street, which was a serious problem just a few months ago. They used anything they could find around the yard to play pretend with and I only just managed to stop them before they dumped out an entire bag of leaves I had just finished filling. 
They hauled around the porch swing (which has never been attached to the ceiling) and played "trains" which kept them occupied long enough for me to fill several more bags.  

{Lucy looks so much like my sister, Aubrey, in this picture when she was little! It's so fun to see family resemblances in each one of them.}

Jane liked crawling up to the porch and following Norah and Lucy around. When I went to move her away from the edge of the stairs, I felt a big lumpy something at the bottom of her pant leg. Her saggy diaper had somehow slipped off and fallen down, getting caught at her ankle. Luckily, she was still dry so I just grabbed a clean diaper and let her roam free.

I decided I didn't care if they played in the dirt so long as they were happy. 
And then poor Jane got a face full of dirt after Lucy insisted on sweeping it off the ledge.

My arms were started to get really scratched up and I tried not to think about the spiders most likely lingering under all the leaves. We left the yard still looking like we'd barely touched it to go in for dinner and didn't think about it until the next morning while Norah was at preschool and Jane was napping. Lucy was fine with riding her bike on the sidewalk while I tried to finish it off. It was going much faster this time now that I didn't have a baby to move away from the cement stairs every 2 minutes. Seven bags in and I was feeling really good about my progress and didn't even know why I was feeling so overwhelmed the night before. That is, until I began raking near the side of the house and got a very strong whiff of dog poop...
As soon as I located the source (on my shoe. ugh), all my momentum immediately dropped off. So Lucy and I went inside to watch a movie together and eat Halloween candy instead. 

Next year I am investing in a leaf blower/mulcher. Until then, I think our yard is tidy enough to pacify our landlord's expectations. 

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