Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Cat's Meow

This past Monday, I was in my room during nap time when I heard a knock on our door. It was our sweet neighbor who explained that she kept hearing what sounded like a cat meowing in and around our yard. I hadn't heard any meowing myself, but we went out together to see if we could find anything. I told her that I would keep a lookout and even put a little bowl of milk out in case it was hungry.

A few hours later, my sister, Brooklyn, and her husband came to roast s'mores in our backyard after all the girls were asleep. We were sitting by the fire when we suddenly heard the cutest little meow ever, and it definitely sounded like a little cat. 

So, Brooklyn and I immediately sprung into action to try and locate the kitty and see if we could help it. We poured some milk and put out a tin of tuna, but we both couldn't think about anything else while we sat by the fire, so we went to investigate some more. We flashed lights and then noticed a little kitten by the yard fence. We tried to inch the tuna closer, but then it spooked and skidded away...which made us both very sad. :(

After a long night filled with sad kitty dreams, I checked to see if the milk and tuna were gone, but I only noticed a little bit of the tuna was missing. I told Norah and Lucy about the cat and they were so excited that Norah didn't even want to go to preschool, and that is saying something! Just before we left for preschool, I thought I heard some meowing coming from our garage, so I put out a tupperware of milk (which may or may not still be in there, now that I think about it) and then loaded up the car to leave. 

My sister, Danika--an enthusiastic animal lover--was at my parents' house, so we chatted and I told her all about the kitty. After preschool, she and my mom both came over once all the girls were down for naps and we decided to see if we could catch the kitten. I noticed that a lot of the milk in the garage had been eaten, so we looked around and lifted cardboard boxes to see if it was hiding. Danika and I thought we heard some rustling under one box and so we took a very small box and started to pull out some wrapping bubbles only to be startled when a tiny kitten sprang out and tried to run away. But we weren't going to let something that cute get away if we had anything to do with it. We cornered it and Danika was able to get a hold of it. The poor little thing was shivering and frightened to death! We tried to give it some milk and it seemed really hungry, so we took it inside to calm down and see if we could get it to eat. 

These pictures just don't show how little she truly was.

Danika and I both kept looking at each other and saying how we wanted to cry, she (we realized it was a girl) was so cute and little. She was so hungry and drank almost a whole plateful of milk. Once Danika and my mom left, I hung out with her in our bathroom while all the girls were still napping. She would explore for a bit, but then want to come play on my lap or in my arms.

I heard Norah waking up and standing outside the bathroom door, so I called for her to come in. She walked in and didn't even notice the cat sitting in my arms until I pointed her out. She just said, "Woah! How did you get it in here?" Norah was pretty nervous at first, and I wasn't surprised since almost every animal/insect scares her to death (yes, even flies get her hysterical), but she warmed up to the cat fairly quickly and even wanted to pet her.

Lucy was so funny. She wanted so badly to hold and play with the cat, but she was also a bit scared as well. This first picture of her is just too funny. She was thrilled to be holding it, but whenever the cat moved, she made this face. She got over it quickly, and wouldn't leave the poor kitty alone!

Every picture I have is of just Lucy holding the cat because she wanted to hold her 24/7 and kept asking me to take pictures of her. 

I didn't know whether to tell Ryan about the cat, or wait until he got home and surprise him haha. So I just sent him a picture of her and said, "Oops, how did this get in here? (smug emoji)" ;)

He wasn't quite as amused as we were and wasn't exactly thrilled I had brought her in the house, especially since our lease doesn't allow any pets. wah. We even named her Luna in hopes that it would help change Ryan's mind and we could just be sneaky about keeping her. But alas, his mind was made up. So I posted asking if anyone wanted her and then went straight into mourning.

I was really sad that we couldn't keep the cat, but I also understood why. It was a lot of work just keeping the cat alive when all three of the girls kept trying to pounce on her and carry her around the house. I told Norah that we were going to have to give the cat away and she was baffled at why we couldn't just keep her. I said Kurt (our landlord) didn't want  us keeping animals in the house and this is how our conversation went:
Norah: "WHAT? Okay, I don't want to give away the kitty. I want her to stay here! If we bring an animal here, we have to keep it. Do you understand me??"
Me: "I know, it makes me sad."
Norah: "That makes me mad. That makes me mad at Kurt. I'm going to call him and tie him up."

I was especially amused/surprised that this came from Norah, but she grew quite attached to the kitty and it made me feel so glad that she was able to have a positive experience with an animal since she usually screams and runs away.
Here is a video of when Norah and Lucy first came into the bathroom after I found the cat.

Whenever I had to keep the cat in the bathroom by herself, she would meow and meow for a couple of minutes. It was so sweet and sad. Lucy was just as distraught about the fact that she was in there by herself.

Jane LOVED Luna and tried to follow her everywhere. Whenever she saw her, she would bounce and laugh/cry because she wanted to touch her. It was so sweet. I love this video of her chasing Luna. Norah went to wake Lucy from her nap and Lucy immediately charged out of her room to hold the kitty.

I have about 15 more videos of Lucy doing this same thing. She was either holding Luna, or crying because she wanted to hold Luna.

If you can't tell, we all loved her!

I was nervous that I would't find anyone to take her and that we would have to take her to a shelter (which had some really bad reviews), but then my friend said she would take her and I felt so much better about it. The girls still ask about Luna and if we can go visit her. As I was doing laundry the other day, Jane kept crawling to the bathroom to see if she could find the kitty and it broke my heart a little. I'm so glad we were able to find her and get her into a good home. It was such a fun experience and I think one that made a big impression on all three girls.

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