Monday, October 31, 2016

Sweetest Ghouls Around

Happy Halloween! We've been busy around here preparing our costumes for tonight and enjoying all the fall activities while we can. I was feeling overwhelmed this month and didn't feel motivated to do a Halloween shoot of the girls, but then one morning I just decided to pull everything together last minute, which happens a lot, and I'm so glad I did.

I used this same cauldron for the St. Patrick's shoot I did in March, but Jane just fills it out a little better now. ;)

I really should have used my tripod for this, but it honestly didn't even cross my mind. I had barricaded off the kitchen with all the chairs until I had everything set up. The girls were just itching to sit in the pile of candy themselves and would occasionally sneak past me and grab a piece as if I didn't see them. When I finally let them have at it, it was complete chaos trying to get them to tear their eyes from the candy. I stomped my feet and hollered all sorts of silly words, so you better believe I was a sweaty mess, as per usual. 

As soon as I got what I needed, they shoved as much candy into their mouths as they could before I was able to take it away. haha
I swept and spot mopped before setting everything up, so you bet I just dumped it all back in a bag to save it for later. We'll take candy in any form.

We can't wait for trick-or-treating tonight and these girls are going to look too cute! 

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