Saturday, October 8, 2016

Hee Haws Preschool Trip

We went to Hee Haw Farms for Norah's preschool field trip on Friday. My mom has been doing preschool for 20+ years and every October she has taken the preschoolers to the Vineyard Garden Center where she snapped this classic photo of me as a toddler.

So when we found out that they had closed permanently, I was a little sad, especially since this is my mom's last year teaching...but as soon as we got there, I realized how much more enjoyable Hee Haws would be for everyone. 

We started out in the petting area with the goats, chickens, and pigs. Norah and Lucy were terrified, of course.

But Jane loved it! she was squealing and kicking all limbs when we put her close to any of the animals.

Their giant slide was so fun! Norah was dying to go down, but needed a little reassurance at first. So Grandma went down with her first, then she was good to go!

Lucy was really hesitant, but she followed us to the top so I forced her to come down with me so she wouldn't be stuck up there by herself. She wasn't happy and cried the whole way down, but I don't blame her entirely, it was pretty fast!

Norah was so cute to watch going down the slide. She looked a little stunned each time she went down, but then as soon as she stopped, her emotions caught up with her face and she raced back up to go again. 

Once we were able to convince Norah that there were other fun activities to check out, we meandered toward the corn maze, but not before stopping and checking out the animal train. It wasn't running while we were there, but the girls still enjoyed sitting in each one.

We took a quick pb&j break while they gave us instructions about the corn maze/pumpkin picking and then headed to find the perfect carving pumpkins.

We came across a skinny, stray cat that was really interested in Jane's sandwich.

The pumpkins were a little on the wee side, but the girls didn't seem to mind. In fact, they took a quick gander and then ran off to find sticks and throw dirt.

I had fun pulling out their Halloween outfits from last year and getting them excited about the festivities.  

Sweet baby Jane was absolutely loving being outside. She kicked her legs as we pushed her around in the stroller and loved watching everyone play around.

My mom helped me keep the girls under control and even pushed the stroller for me through the bumpy dirt road.

We all jumped on the "hay wagon" and took a ride around the field. Again, Jane was so happy the whole time! 

It was so bumpy, which made taking pictures nearly impossible, but Lucy was having fun ticking Jane and making her laugh.

There were so many fun little activities all around the farm. These horse swings were so fun for the girls. I'm excited for when Jane is old enough to join in too. She would love it!

An outing with all three girls wouldn't be complete without some sort of set back. I pulled Jane out of the stroller and realized she had completely wet through her diaper and clothes. Luckily, I had a dress in the diaper bag. And extra lucky that it fit her because it was size 3-6 months. 

We finished off with the giant corn pit and it was a big hit. Everyone loved taking turns being buried and flinging the corn all around.

Jane and I couldn't hang out in the pit for long because she was determined to eat all the corn within her reach.

Also, Jane's new face is this kissy face and I haven't been able to catch it on camera until now. Love this girl.

We walked out of the farm all the way to the far field where we parked before I realized that my coat, which held my phone and my keys, must have fallen out of the stroller somewhere while we were walking around from activity to activity. So I ran back all over creation trying to figure out where my coat went. Unfortunately it was tan, so it camouflaged right in with the hay bale that someone put it on after finding it somewhere on the ground. 
My mom was a good sport and hung out with the girls at the car so I didn't have to drag them all over again to find it and then pry them from the farm once more. 
I finally found my coat, ran back to the car looking like Chewbacca after a tornado, and got home to realize that Lucy had also completely wet through her diaper and clothes...I'm sensing a pattern here. So it was baths all around and an extra long nap for everyone! 

I'm already wanting to go back again as a whole family before the season is over. It was such a fun day and I'm glad the weather turned out to be absolutely perfect!

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  1. SOOOO cute! All of these pictures are so sweet, and you are so dang photogenic! What cute pictures of you with your girls! And I love the ones of your mom with them too. So cute!!! What a fun day!