Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fall Memories

I am just so dang lucky to have these girls. They are growing so fast and so slow at the same time, I don't know what to do with myself. People say all the time that I'll look back on the toddler/baby days and long to rewind. I envision them as tweens and teens and I get excited and terrified and then happy that they are still little. But I also look forward to raising them and watching them grow into thoughtful, curious, strong girls. 

Norah is still loving every day of preschool and she adores going to dance and having something special to do on her own. She is an observer and catches onto this very quickly. I am always amazed when she recalls a memory from months and months and months ago, without any prompting from me, and remembers details that seemed insignificant to me.
Norah is SO excited for her birthday coming up and has told me on several occasions (every single day) that she wants to invite everyone on the whole earth to her party.
She loves carrying Jane everywhere she can and tests my patience when it comes to "helping out". She loves all things fancy, sparkly, and pink. Especially when all those are combined into one.
Whenever she wakes up from a nap, she sneaks so quietly up the stairs and stands outside my door, staring at me, until I notice her. She is still attached to her "polka-dot" blanky and won't sleep unless she has it. Trying to sneak that thing in the laundry is pretty tricky some days.
The whole "threenager" attitude is really hard some days. I try to be conscientious of when she's reached her limit of wanting to obey, and we often have talks of working together to not be so crabby with one another.
She loves to steal snacks and apples and nibble on them throughout the day. She loves when I let her pour her own cottage cheese or yogurt or cereal like a big girl. She loves church a primary, and I often hear her quietly singing songs that she has learned to herself. We have kind of halted our reading/writing progress, but she knows a lot of her letters and is interested in learning.

Lucy makes us laugh every day and has enough personality to fill the whole house. She is sassy and sweet all at the same time and has the loudest cry/scream you'll ever hear. She loves copying everything Norah does and is her little echo whenever Norah is trying to tell someone something exciting. 
Lucy loves saying the prayer and wants to do it every time we ask whose turn it is. Her prayer is always the same. "Fahder (Heavenly Father), go-dins-day (thankful for this day), bwessings, daddy go to work, mommy take pictures, norah go to preschoo/norah go to dance cwass, watch wreck it ralph (I always laugh when she says this), Dallin mission, Jesus Christ, AMEN!" Then she always tells us how she blessed Dallin on his mission. She never forgets and it's so sweet. 
A couple months ago, she started growling at us when she was mad, followed by yelling "ROAR". I tried not to laugh, but it was always so funny when we tried to discipline her and she would growl in reply. 
She asks for milk every day, and loves pretending to be a crying baby so Norah will feed her and take care of her. She loves sucking her thumb and will often start sucking and then lay down on the ground...no matter where we are. 
She loves going potty and will go every time we put her on the toilet, but I am just really not ready/motivated to start training her. 
Every time we go outside, she finds a stick and carries it around, trying to sneak it into the house when we go back inside. 

Jane is sometimes the one thing that keeps me sane some days. She is so smiley and sweet. She went through a phase of not wanting to drink hardly any of her bottle and it was so stressful. But she is sleeping better and eating better and her top teeth are growing out so much that she is starting to look so old. :( I finally weaned her off of the soy formula and she is now on just regular formula, which actually isn't that much cheaper, but she doesn't seem to be having any issues, and it actually is helping her little plumbing system to not get so backed up so it's a win win!
She loves charging at you when she is crawling around on the ground and she gets the cutest fit of giggles when you chase her around. She does not like when Lucy and Norah pummel her, so I'm excited for when she is a little bit bigger and can defend herself more easily.
She loves watching her older sisters play around her and smiles with her whole body. her arms and legs bounce frantically up and down when she is excited and her tongue pops in and out of her mouth as fast as she can.

These girls have been so patient with me as I figure out balancing life right now and I'm so lucky to call them mine. 


  1. Okay, those are the cutest fall outfits, and I love reading mom's perspectives on their kids' development, personalities, and talents. SO special! What great, beautiful girls! Can't wait to keep watching them grow up. :)

  2. So sweet! I love that Lucy remembers Dallin in her prayers! Made me cry. I love you and your girls and Ryan, of course! :)

  3. So sweet! I love that Lucy remembers Dallin in her prayers! Made me cry. I love you and your girls and Ryan, of course! :)

  4. Norah seems so, so big. They look beautiful in those dressess.