Friday, October 7, 2016

Endless Summer

The weather the past couple of weeks has been toying with my emotions. Cold for four days, hot for two. Cold for one day, hot for three. And my temperament seems to be in sync with the weather, so it's really not good for anyone around here. ;) 

Ryan went in to work late one day this week, so he got to see Norah off to preschool and brought in this little windmill from the car for Lucy before he left while she and I were playing during Jane's nap. It has been the source of lots of entertainment, and we don't even know where it came from.

I've been loving the bright colors and it makes me fee like it's the last sign of Summer before the cold sets in for good. I'm mourning the end of warm days, so we have all sorts of fun things planned to keep up our spirits. 

October is such a fun month for us, planning for halloween and doing all sorts of holiday activities. So it makes it easier to ease into the winter months...even if that means my tomatoes are wilting and dying (*sob*). 

{I love spending alone time with Lucy while Norah is at school and Jane naps. We usually read books, or clean the house, or fold laundry, or sometimes watch a movie together}

I am so glad we have all the holidays to look forward to to keep our minds distracting from the gloominess outside. We have our costumes all worked out and everyone is so excited about trick-or-treating this year!

We're planning on making cinnamon banana bread after nap time today, and that is really the key to ushering in the Fall season.

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