Monday, October 17, 2016

Birthday Boy!

Ryan's birthday was last week, yay! This month was already feeling too full and busy to put together another party like last year, as much as I wanted to, so Ryan and I just celebrated by getting a hotel for a night. 
His mom drove down to watch the girls for us and he took a half day from work so we could explore Salt Lake together. It has been almost two years since our last night away, so I was both nervous and thrilled to leave the girls. We learned how to swindle priceline and got a great deal on our hotel room, which is probably why we were placed in the room next to the incredibly loud, vibrating boiler room. So after trying to decide whether we could really sleep through the noise or not, we concluded it was far too loud and called to be switched to a new room...which happened to be on the sixth floor with a beautiful view from the balcony. Not too shabby!

We walked all around downtown and (I) ate WAY too much pizza at the little restaurant From Scratch. We walked up to the Madeleine Cathedral with incredibly full stomachs and enjoyed all the unique depictions of Christ before the lights suddenly went out. So we called it a night at 7:30 and trekked back to our hotel. We decided we had racked up enough exercise time to keep us solid for another few weeks months. It's embarrassing how quickly I got a cramp in my side from just walking, guess it's time to finally get my fanny into the gym.

It was so nice to get a full night's sleep and, come to find out, Jane slept through the night for Jeanne too, so perhaps this refreshed feeling will last.
Such a great time to get away and I'm already looking forward to our anniversary in a couple of months where we can hopefully extend the time a little longer.
Happy Birthday to my sweet, handsome man! <3 

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  1. Tell me your hotel secrets! ;) You guys are super cute and your such a great wifey. Happy Birthday Ryan!