Monday, September 5, 2016

Tiny Dancer

Basically ever since we found out we were first having a girl, I had envisioned one day sending her to dance lessons. Last week, that baby girl finally had her first class, and she couldn't have looked sweeter.

I'd been prepping Norah about the details for class and we visited the studio a few weeks before start up, so her anticipation was beginning to compete with mine. I bought her leotards and tights and was so excited to have her wear them. 

The morning of her first day, I made sure to remind her a few times that I would need to pull her hair back to comply with the rules of the studio, and she assured me it wouldn't be a problem when it came time. But three year olds will be three year olds. I finished smoothing out her tights and barely uttered the word 'brush' before she leapt off of the bed and rushed, screaming, to the other room. After much negotiation, I convinced her that getting her hair pulled back was a fair price for going to dance class and, with just a few tears, we were finally off! 

I watched as she sheepishly crept into the studio, with her underwear bunched up under her tights, to join the other girls in a circle around her two teachers and I felt all weepy-like. The two-way mirror wasn't exactly hiding the fact that I was pressed up against the glass filming her with my phone, so she waved at me every time she happened to look my way.

{Such sass! Notice the underwear;)}

The teachers taught them how to stand in first position by shaping their feet like a pizza. Then they did "princess and Barbie walks" across the room with their toes pointed, which definitely got Norah excited.

It was so sweet seeing her interact and bounce around in her leotard. Next week is tap dancing, so you bet I am looking forward to watching that! 

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