Friday, September 23, 2016

Farewell to Summer

Norah loves all things girly, which means Lucy follows suit. They would choose an old ratty dress over pants any day, and I catch Lucy on a regular basis trying to pull out dresses from the dirty clothes basket to try on. 

So when Ryan's mom gave Norah this sweet white dress, which she tried to wear, I knew I had to take pictures of all three girls before Summer was completely lost. 

Norah and Lucy were in princess heaven. They couldn't believe I was letting them wear their nice dresses on a non-Church day. 

Norah LOVES having her hair curled. She will run around the entire house screaming and crying while I try to brush her hair, but if I ask her if she wants to have curly hair, she will sit still for 30 minutes while I roll the foam curlers in, and then sleep on them all night without any complaint. 

I ran out of big curlers, so her hair ended up looking like an afro in the front. I topped it off with a little flapper-girl looking headband, and she loved it!

I took pictures of them during Jane's morning nap so the grass was still wet from the sprinklers the night before. As Norah roamed off the blanket and onto the wet grass, she suddenly screamed out and I rushed over in time to see a bee flying away. 

I could not calm her down, and when I pulled out the tweezers to try and get the stinger out of her foot, she went ballistic. It took about 15 minutes of complete chaos before I could finally pluck it out. Poor girl. She was devastated, but really enjoyed being pampered. We called practically every family member who would pick up the phone to gain their sympathy while Norah elevated her foot. 

I am allergic to bees, so I didn't know how Norah would react, but she was running and jumping around within an hour of being stung, having completely forgotten about it. phew!

Lucy acted very concerned about Norah's foot, but mostly she wanted to be the one to do minor surgery on her. I can't describe her personality and do it justice. She is one cute firecracker and she makes us laugh every day.

These photoshoots never go quite how I imagined them. Poor Jane was not feeling well (which turned out to be a double ear infection), so I couldn't get her to smile, but she still looks so sweet.

She can crawl, pull herself up, wave 'hi', and say 'mama'. She loves her daddy and frantically bounces on my hip, laughing, as she waits for him to hold her. She officially has four teeth, as of two weeks ago, and is losing that gummy smile that makes her look so much like a baby. I love this small thing so much! Now if only I could get her to sleep through the night... ;)

They danced around Jane for a few minutes and then shed their dresses to go play on the swing set.

They love to be naked. When we pull them out of the bathtub and send them to get clean underwear and a diaper, they leave their towels behind shouting, "naked girl!" I do try to keep clothes on them when we're outside, but sometimes I just let it slide. They were especially cute holding hands and running around the entire yard, curls bouncing and everything. It was like a scene from my childhood fantasies of one day becoming a mom.

Norah pulled Lucy along as they tried to run away from the monster. Something magic happens when we are outside and they suddenly play so well together. I will really miss the warm weather and the chance to send them out in just their skimpies. Now I'm going to bake a spice pie, just to keep my spirits up while the weather turns cold this weekend.

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