Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sunday Funday

I love Sundays when we sit next to other families with kids who will play with mine. One week, however, we were sitting in the back (okay, we always sit in the back) with just a few other couples. Just a few minutes into the meeting, Lucy was already trying to run all over creation. She loves to squeeze between the folding chairs and get away using the aisle behind us. But as she was being so sneaky, a lady started making conversation with her and lured her into the seat next to her. Lucy sat there for a good while and spent most of the time going back and forth from us to her. The lady pulled out a notebook and pens to color with, so naturally Norah had to join. The meeting was about to close and I thought we would make it through without any disasters when Ryan whispered that Lucy had peed through her dress. Fortunately, we had a spare in the diaper bag and so we considered it a minor mishap. 

I had to stay home with Norah and Jane one week so Ryan took Lucy to church with his brother's family who was in town. He sent me this picture and said, "Lucy singing with Maisey all on her own. Didn't have the heart to tell her it was the Spanish hymn book." I seriously laughed out loud. She looks so into the music. 

Another Sunday, Lucy walked around talking to the people sitting around us. She kept putting her fingers to her lips to shush and telling the young girl next to us that we needed to be quiet. She squeezed through the gap in the chairs to sneak in the row behind us and sat with a nice lady (the best entertainers for toddlers). Lucy talked and played with her scriptures and note cards, then kept trying on her glasses and touching her dangly earrings. Then when the meeting was about to close, she gave the lady a hug goodbye and then she and Norah got into a hugging and squealing match. Who could hug the hardest and squeal the loudest? It was a tie. 
Then Norah licked me for the full duration of the closing prayer, and despite my efforts to stop her, my entire hand and arm was covered in her saliva. Not pictured.

One week as we were unloading from the car and about to head into the chapel, Ryan and I debated whether we should bring the car seat in or not. We decided to just bring it in so Jane didn't have to sit on the ground if we needed her to. I'm so glad we brought it in because it proved to be a great source of entertainment. Lucy sat in there for at least 15 minutes just sucking her thumb while I rocked her with my foot. She would occasionally pop her head out to see what was going on, but I would immediately convince her to lay back down and pretend to take a nap. Norah wanted a turn too so we gladly let them climb in and out as long as they pleased. 

Jane and Ryan weren't feeling up to snuff one Sunday, so it was my turn to take Norah and Lucy to church by myself. I had frantically packed the diaper bag in order to get to the meeting on time, but had failed to grab a snack or two. I was probably out of my seat more than in it, and when I felt I was reaching my wit's end, Norah pulled out a little package of fruit snacks that was hidden in the depths of the diaper bag. That right there was a tender mercy and though it only bought me about 45 seconds of peace, it was enough to recompose my frazzled self and make it to the end of sacrament meeting. 

This crazy stage of life makes me really appreciate the chance to go to Sunday school and Relief society, so I guess I better soak in all the spirituality before they call me into nursery;))

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Cousins By The Dozens

This week has been jammed packed with family fun activities. Ryan's brother's family drove through town for a day on their way down to Southern Utah, so we got together for a few hours to let the kids swim and play. Norah was SO excited that we got to see cousins from both sides of the family in the same week. These kiddos are the cutest, and they play so well together!

My sister, Katelyn, came to visit for the week with her two boys! Their family just moved back to this side of the country and so visiting back and forth will be much more frequent (yay!!).

We scheduled all sorts of fun things to do together for the week. It was rejuvenating to have some good quality bracita time. We went to see a scary shark movie one night for some reason then made up for it by going to see a chick flick the next. 

We spent a lot of time swimming with all the kiddos. Katelyn brought Jack and Ty over one morning to play in the kiddie pool in my backyard. We ate sandwiches and sliced up enough watermelon and mangos to feed a whole country, but somehow those kiddos snarfed it up in no time.

Lucy and Ty kept going at each other so they spent a lot of time during the week giving each other make up hugs.

Waving goodbye to them from out front window so everyone could take a break for naps. I told Katelyn that the only thing on my schedule for the week was nap time, but that every other minute was dedicated to her. ;)

One day was spent at Brittney's club pool. Katelyn bought some puddle jumpers for Norah and Lucy and I wish so much that I had recorded them swimming around. They were squealing, hooting, and hollering the WHOLE time because they were so excited about swimming by themselves. Lucy kept saying, "I'm swimming! I swim!" which naturally reminded me of Bob Wiley.

Jane just wanted to be held, but she joined in the squealing and kicked her legs the whole time. She loved watching all the other kids splashing and playing around. 

We were all amazed at how Katelyn's boys fearlessly jumped in and swam around all on their own. Ty isn't even three yet, and he had no problem going completely under water, it was the cutest thing!


Sunbathing beauties, Brittney and Danika.

Brand cousins. Missing Noa, Ollie, Lula, Ella, and Nash.

These crazy kids were wild and hard to contain while at Grandma Brand's house. We were constantly opening and shutting the back door and prying fighting toddlers apart, but I'm so glad that they will grow up together.

Since Katelyn's birthday was a few weeks before, we decided to have a little surprise party for her. She was surprised all right haha.


I made a little cake for her and we tried so hard to light the candles while everyone huddled around trying to hide it while she was distracted. But it was just too windy and we went through all the matches without getting a single one lit.

We had the party at the lake near Highland Glen Park where we swam and ate and chit-chatted.

The kids collected rocks and made a pile of their findings.

 Katelyn and Tyler

I just wanted to follow Ty around and take pictures of his freckles and blue eyes all day. 

Jane was so hungry and tired so I fed her and she fell asleep in my arms, which very rarely happens. It was so sweet:)) 

But then when she woke up, she fell and bonked her head, so she hung out on my hip while I chased Ty around with my camera.

Norah sat next to her and tickled her until she was cheered up. She's such a sweet and caring older sister.

One day was dedicated to riding the train up to Salt Lake and visiting Danika and Jace in their new apartment. Since Ryan came home early from work to watch the girls, I didn't have to stress about keeping an eye on them the whole time. Instead I got to take even more pictures of Katelyn's darling toe-head, blue-eyed boys.

We checked out Danika's cute apartment and then headed to eat pizza and do some more chit-chatting, covering all topics from boobs to Obama. In that order.

If we had known how much went into cookie decorating, we wouldn't have spent the majority of Katelyn's last day doing it. But since we always see her posting pictures of the cute cookies she creates, we all wanted to learn too! 

Everyone came over to my house and we spent hours just making the icing. We mixed, separated, added color, mixed, separated, mixed, mixed some more, and then finally put everything in bags.  

While we mixed, the kids kept coming in every couple of minutes to ask if it was ready. When we finally had everything ready to go, we weren't too excited about letting the little kids use the icing we worked so hard to make. So after attempting and failing to share, we gave them a small pile of cookies, a tub of betty crocker frosting that was hanging out in my fridge, and sent them outside to play. 

My wobbly table only added to the chaos. If anyone so much as put an elbow on the table, it messed up everyone else who was very carefully trying to line their cookie with icing. We yelled a lot as kids kept running in and reaching across the table for things they shouldn't be grabbing in the first place. haha. Katelyn said that every time she makes cookies, she swears that she will never do it again, and we all found ourselves in the same boat. But then after seeing our cute finished products, we decided that maybe next time we would just do it after babies are in bed.

My mom tended to our very neglected children while we finished our masterpieces.

Here is everyone who lasted the whole time. ;)

These are the cookies I decorated. I started creating a rainbow one and was immediately copied by Katelyn, except she outdid me by ten fold. 

We ended the week chit chatting one last time and saying our final goodbyes. We're so glad they are so much closer to us so that we can have get togethers like this much more often. Now we just have to get Aubrey and Jarom back from Florida and Canada! :D