Sunday, July 3, 2016

You're One in a 'Melon' Birthday Celebration!

We got to celebrate Lucy's second birthday yesterday, watermelon style!

I set up this little photo shoot and as soon as we set Lucy on the ground, she reached for the watermelon slice as fast as she could. She definitely takes after her mama with her love for all things melon!


Any way she can get it is good enough for her! ;) 

The watermelon theme all started a few months ago when I ordered this adorable hair bow from this cute little shop. It came in the mail and I knew that Lucy wouldn't begrudge watermelons surrounding her at her birthday celebration, so it was decided. I found the same watermelon print fabric and made her a cute dress to match. 

Love this adorable smile! 

I had such fun putting everything together and was looking forward to having my fill of watermelon as well! ;)

I had this big piece of plywood already so I used a projector to paint this cute sign for only a buck fifty! Pretty good, eh? You better believe I had the song "One In A Million" from Miss Congeniality stuck in for a couple weeks leading up to the party. Poor Ryan is probably sick of hearing me sing it...especially since I only know those exact lyrics haha
Also, aren't Lucy's buttons on the back of her dress so cute??
Also also, her curls are killing me! Too cute!

Watermelon everything! I was running around like a mad woman for two days. Baking cakes, decorating cakes. Cutting watermelon, eating watermelon. Once the party started, I just relaxed and enjoyed the company. It wasn't until the end of the night when I realized that my shirt was on backwards the entire time! haha 

Lucy snagged a cupcake as soon as she could and then we all sang happy birthday to her!

Our cute, cute girls all sporting watermelon dresses! 

We did some water games and enjoyed the perfect weather!

Lucy loved using these fun little water squirters. Notice Norah's cute watermelon swimsuit? haha! Lucy has one too, but I figured she wouldn't really want to actually get wet, so I didn't bother changing her. 

She walked around squirting any unsuspecting person she could.

Cute Jane and her cute Grandma Brand. 

My heart broke every time I saw Norah. She had been SOOO excited all week long for Lucy's birthday party, and then when it was finally the big day, Norah woke up with a fever. She didn't have any other symptoms, but was just not feeling well at all. :(

This picture just captures her misery. I was so sad she didn't feel like playing very much. Once her fever broke she was all better, but that didn't happen until the party was long over. She mostly sat in this chair.

Ryan's mom got Lucy a fun little bubble machine, so we're excited about that! 

It was seriously so so fun having friends and family over to celebrate our sweet girl. She had a fun time, and we had LOTS of watermelon. By the time it was over, we still had THREE giant watermelons left, plus a huge bowl of sliced melon. In a normal family, that much watermelon would last through a famine...but in our house it will probably last us a week.  

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