Tuesday, July 5, 2016

We The People..and Little People

Yesterday we celebrated the holiday all day long, but not before taking some family pictures!
Here we are with the cutest pint-sized patriots.

And in case you couldn't see our shirts, here they are! Hahaha aren't they the best? We'll be wearing these for years to come, whether Ryan likes it or not! ;)

I love these three firecrackers and I love dressing them up all matchy matchy while they are still too young to protest!

Jane: "This is my life..."
This poor girl can never catch a break from all the smothering.

Norah: 3.5 years

Lucy: 2 years

Jane: 7 months

Life is so hard when you are THIS cute! All three girls have worn this same holiday romper for fourth of July, and I love it! Such a nice thing about having all girls.

We started the fourth out early in the morning by heading over to our neighborhood bike parade and breakfast! The girls brought their wiggle cars and Ryan pushed Jane in the stroller.

We straggled behind the entire time, but those little legs sure pumped fast to keep up with everyone else.

We cheated and waited for all the other kids to loop around so we could be at the start again. ;)

We had a nice breakfast, a candy launch, and then chit-chatted with a few people before heading home for some fun on our own.
We pulled out the kiddie pool we recently bought and got all ready for a day out in the sun. The girls couldn't get their bathing suits on fast enough with such excited wiggles taking over their bodies, Norah particularly.
We started filling up the "bath", as Lucy calls it, when Ryan had a great idea to put it at the bottom of the slide. The girls had the best time and though they were shivering, they did NOT want to get out.

Summer just wouldn't be the same without a permanent wedgie, am I right?

Ryan snuck in the house and then ran out in his bathing suit. When he climbed up the playhouse and was about to come down, both girls screamed and hollered while they clambered out of the pool before he could come down and crash into them with seismic waves. ;)

I'm glad Norah was feeling all better since Lucy's party so she could have fun with the squirters too.

Jane was perfectly fine sitting and watching while munching on some toys. I'm sure she enjoyed the solitude and break from constant kisses.

It was so fun watching the girls slide down into the water.

I love these pictures. I took approximately 300 of them falling into the water and their faces crack me up every time!

Lucy didn't want to climb all the way up the slide. She preferred to just bellyflop on the very bottom and slide down to the water. If we tried to put her at the top she would scream, "DON'T TOUCH ME!" but then actually laugh when she went down haha.

Of course, we took a watermelon break. We all went inside for naps and then went at it again afterwards for a couple more hours before the exhaustion set in.

Though you can't really see it in this picture, both of their lips were so purple. They were freezing, but just wanted to keep swimming.

We finished the night by eating an all American dinner of hot dogs and then read a few of our patriotic books. We listened to the National Anthem all day long and a couple of times I felt choked up while listening. Such a beautiful song for such a great country.

 Initially, we had wanted to watch some neighborhood fireworks with Norah and Lucy that night, but those thoughts quickly faded and we put them to bed at regular time. Ryan and I watched a movie (Big Fat Greek Wedding 2...kind of disappointing), then snuggled up on our one lawn chair in the backyard to watch a few fireworks that evening before getting into bed a lot earlier than normal. I was so exhausted, but it was such a fun day spent with the people I love the most! 


  1. I love all of those pictures! Sounds like a fun family day!

  2. Sometimes I read your blog and go "Oh my gosh. Three kids. How does she do it?" They are always so cute, your pictures are beautiful. Jane is so darling.